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Two weekends exploring An Giang floating water season

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The beautiful attractions in An Giang are far from each other. The following are recommended destinations for travelers to explore in two days.

Chau Doc Market

The market is located in the center of Chau Doc city, selling local specialties prepared on the spot and bought back, with many stalls selling fish sauce and dried of all kinds. If it is the first time to go West, do not miss Chau Doc market with interesting experiences about the life of floating water people.

Tinh Bien Market

The market sells many Western specialties in the floating water season, some Thai and Cambodian products. Tinh Bien Market also brings cultural exchange features of Vietnamese and Khmer people.

Snap Libra

25 km from Chau Doc, the immense and clear blue freshwater lake Snap Binh Thien is paired with the Binh Di River (a tributary of the Hau River) in An Phu district. Snap beautifully in the floating water season with a crazy fluffy yellow hue interspersed with hyacinth green. Around the snap is a Cham village that still intact the ancient cultural values.

Cham village

Chau Giang village is where Cham people concentrate, about 10 minutes by ferry from Chau Doc city. Here, visitors should visit mosques, traditional houses and enjoy unique dishes of local people.

Ta Pa Field

Located in Tri Ton district, Ta Pa field is like a vast carpet, dotted with palm trees in the blue sky. Ta Pa Lake - remnants of the quarry area on the top of the hill with poetic beauty, as calm as water paintings.

That Son

Also known as the Seven Mountains Region, That Son is 7 typical mountains in 37 mountains in 2 districts of Tri Ton and Tinh Bien. Forbidden Mountain has an altitude of 705 m, occupying a circumference of 28,600 m, is the highest mountain in That Son, with beautiful scenery. On the mountain, there are: Van Linh Pagoda, Big Buddha Pagoda, Maitreya Buddha statue, Cao Dai Temple ...

Long Xuyen Floating Market

Located near the center of Long Xuyen city, the floating market from ancient times still retains the same way of life. The market starts bustling from around 5am. Visitors can rent boats from 200,000 VND to explore the market, enjoy breakfast on the river. 

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest

This is one of the largest and most beautiful melaleuca forests in the West, in Tinh Bien district, about 20km from Chau Doc. An interesting experience in the melaleuca forest is a boat ride through the forest covered with green, attracting the eye by vegetation. Tickets to visit the melaleuca forest cost 190,000 VND per individual guest. If traveling in a group of 7 people or more, the ticket price is 95,000 VND per person. 

O Thum Lake

The artificial lake has a cool space, where many specialties of grilled mountain chicken are sold. After visiting the melaleuca forest, visitors visit O Thum Lake to rest for lunch. 

Lau Pagoda (Phuoc Lam Temple):

The temple has Asian architecture built in many floors, with red paint and decoration to create an ancient look. This place attracts many people to take pictures. 

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