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Suggestions for exploring Quy Nhon for families with young children

Translated by Bing
Many people often combine to go to Quy Nhon and Phu Yen on the same trip. But the family of 3 of us chose to spend 5 days and 4 nights on the trip only to Quy Nhon in the last days of March sunny.

Day 1: 14h to Phu Cat airport (Binh Dinh), move to La Beach House homestay (near Eo Wind) in Nhon Ly. 16h visit FLC Zoo Safari, then dine at the nearby Hoang Thao restaurant before returning to homestay. To prepare for the next day's trip to Ky Co, I booked the tour through homestay.

Day 2: Get up at 5:00 a.m. to watch the sunrise in front of the room, then have breakfast at the homestay. At 8:00 am, the tour home car picked up my family to the canoe station to Ky Co. At 11:30 am, the whole family returned to Hoang Thao restaurant for lunch and returned to the homestay to check out, rest outside the campus waiting for less sun. 14h00 explore Eo Wind, then move to Quy Nhon center, check-in Po's House. Explore Phan Boi Chau snack street, take an early break and book a tour to Hon Dry through CocoCamp Hon Dry fanpage for the next day.

Day 3: Breakfast fish noodles at Ngoc Lien (379 Nguyen Hue). 9h travel 20 km by taxi to Coco Camp in Nhon Hai, bathe and have lunch here and wait until 13h to go canoe to Hon Dry. At 16:30 take a taxi back to the center, on the way to stop by Phuong Mai sand dunes. Dinner with prawn pancakes at Gia Vy (14 Dien Hong), then go for a drink at Surf Bar.

Day 4: Rent a motorbike to breakfast at the old restaurant, then visit the Twin Towers, Rapids - Tien Sa. 11h return to homestay check-out, pick up items and travel by motorbike to Osix Resort (about 10 km from the city center). Lunch here, afternoon visit in Bai Que fishing village, dinner is always at the restaurant in the resort.

Day 5: Spend the morning at the resort. At 10:30 am, check-out, visit "Great Love Cup" in Quy Nhon, return to the city center for lunch at The Hometown restaurant (125 Tang Tram Tiger), return the motorbike and rent a taxi to the airport.


La Beach House: Homestay right by the sea, with a beautiful view to watch the sunrise, the price is 550,000 VND / room. The fish market meets in the early morning also close to the homestay so it is very convenient to feel the local life. But for those who are afraid of smells, it can be a minus.

Po' House: This homestay is nothing special but a very central location, walking only a few minutes to the sea, the square and a lot of food, cafes, supermarkets around. Room rate $300,000. The host is also very friendly and hospitable.

Osix Resort: This is the 3-star resort and the most green in Quy Nhon that I know, there is a beautiful small saltwater swimming pool, the bar is located right by the sea. The apartment I booked is a sea-facing bungalow, priced at 1,300,000 VND.


Eo Wind Area, Nhon Ly: Hoang Thao restaurant is the address introduced by homestay, fresh, delicious food, reasonable price with menus of all kinds from rice dishes to seafood - hot pot grills.

City center: In addition to the snack streets such as Phan Boi Chau, Ngo Van Chu, Huyen Tran Princess, I chose Gia Vy Pancake Restaurant (14 Dien Hong) to enjoy Quy Nhon specialties and Hometown restaurant (125 Tiger Tarpau) to eat family rice dishes, suitable for young children. At breakfast, I enjoy fish noodles at Ngoc Lien restaurant because it is very suitable, although eating the same dish but do not feel bored.

Hon Dry Area, Nhon Hai: Coco Camp is a place you must definitely go in Quy Nhon, whether just to enjoy lunch or drink a glass of soft drink. It also serves a multi-course menu, which suits the taste at an affordable price.


The total cost of my family's trip is about 12,000,000 VND, including air tickets, 5 taxi trips, dining, homestay rooms to resorts, tickets to visit the points, Ky Co tour costs 350,000 VND / person (including shuttle, lunch), Hon Dry tour costs 180,000 VND (excluding meals, pick-up at Coco Camp).


Homestay usually does not have breakfast so must book in advance or eat out

The journeys over 20 km I choose taxis to avoid the sun. With a short distance in the city, I rented a motorbike at homestay for VND120,000 per day to actively move.

Quy Nhon in March is quite empty, but already very sunny, so choose to move in the early morning or late afternoon.

La Beach House, Ky Co, Nhon Hai are very great places, and you can skip The Great Love Cup because of the steep climbing ramp, Phuong Mai sand dunes because of the sun, not suitable when traveling with children.

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