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Ghenh Rang - top 5 most beautiful beaches in the South of Vietnam

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Ghenh Rang Beach (Quy Nhon) is likened by National Geographic's website to a "hidden gem" among the majestic mountains around. The title was awarded to the Rang Rapids in the summer of 2020.

Unlike the long stretches of fine white sand beaches, Ghenh Rang is especially impressive with a beach covered with large pebbles, round and smooth like giant bird eggs, so folk also call Egg Beach. In 1927, this place was once chosen by King Bao Dai as a resort. This place used to be a beach reserved for the Empress Nam Phuong whenever she came here to vacation, so it is also called the Empress beach.

Rang rapids is also associated with the legend of a fairy who disappears every time she reunites with her loved one. According to legend, there was a couple who because of their power should not be meant husband and wife while on earth. They had to escape the fairy city to get together. Therefore, this place is often also called Ghenh Rang - Tien Sa.

Over the years, the unique, pristine beauty of Ghenh Rang has led NatGeo to rate this place as the best beach for backpackers.

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Get to Ghenh Rang

Ghenh Rang is located only 3 km from the center of Quy Nhon City, so you can easily rent a motorbike and move yourself along the coastal road to the south to get here. Ghenh Rang tourist area is located at 3 Han Mo Tu Street, Ghenh Rang Ward.

If you go east, fake antique trams are also an interesting option. Tram carries up to 16 passengers, costs 25,000 VND/km. If combined with visiting the city, the tram package fare is 250,000 VND/trip/60 minutes according to the itinerary: (No. 6 Phan Chu Trinh) – Le Duc Tho, Le Loi – Xuan Dieu – Nguyen Tat Thanh – Co.opmart Quy Nhon supermarket (Le Duan) – Central Square of Quy Nhon City – An Duong Vuong – Han Mo Tu – Ghenh Rang tourist area and vice versa.

Attractions in Ghenh Rang

Ghenh Rang tourist area not only has Empress Beach but also owns many interesting attractions that you can spend half a day or a whole day visiting here:

Source: chuonghung.com

Tien Sa Beach: Following the steps leading down the steep rocky slope, you will reach Tien Sa beach. The sand dunes here are not large, but it is enough for you to be distracted with the waves lapping on the white shore, the clear blue sea and the golden and majestic shaped rocks around.

Tomb of poet Han Mozi: Located quite secluded on the high mountains, leading the entrance by green areca trees, the tomb of poet Han Mo Tzu offers visitors a quiet, peaceful but equally romantic space with flowers around.

Rapids Church: This destination is hidden below opposite the tomb of poet Han Mozi, so it is less known. Stepping through the old wooden gate with two rows of areca, you will have a strange sense of peace when you see on the wall ancient laterite clusters, everywhere are holy statues and reliefs of Jesus. Along with stone tables and chairs, bonsai, vines, all create an artistic relaxation space.

Note when coming to Ghenh Rang

Ticket price: 10,000 VND/person

Be careful when moving on the smooth round rocks at Egg Rock to avoid slipping

Although the water at Egg Rock is very clear, most tourists do not bathe here but mainly come to take check-in photos

At Ghenh Rang tourist area, there are hotels, restaurants, cafes with sea view, overlooking Quy Nhon city center, you can eat, drink, take lunch here.

Ghenh Rang is on the must-visit list of many tourists when coming to Quy Nhon. To avoid crowding, you can take advantage of visiting in the late morning or early afternoon, which will be more empty.

Recommended itinerary 3 days 2 nights to travel to Ghenh Rang

Ghenh Rang is conveniently located to combine exploration with many other famous destinations in Quy Nhon. You can refer to the following schedule:

Day 1: To Quy Nhon, rest, check-in. Then visit Ghenh Rang for lunch and sightseeing. If you have time to visit Bai Xep fishing village (9km south of Ghenh Rang). In the evening, go to the city center to eat shrimp pancakes and dance at Gia Vy restaurant (14 Yan Hong).

Day 2: Explore the Strait of Wind - Ky Co (25 km northeast of the city center), have lunch on the island. In the evening, return to the city, enjoy delicious dishes at Ngoc Han Princess Street and go to Surf Bar.

Day 3: Visit the Twin Towers in the city center, walk around the famous Quy Nhon cafes such as S-Blue Coffee, Marina Coffee, Green Café, 1990 Café, Silent-Kitchen & Coffee... Check-out and return.

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