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Dazzling street vendors through the lens of a Dutch female photographer

Translated by Bing
Dutch photographers living in Vietnam for nearly 4 years have released colorful street vendor photos

Loes Heerink has lived in Vietnam for nearly 4 years. She plans to publish a photo book about the poetic street vendors she captured while living in Hanoi. There will be about 100 photos from the vendors from above themed series.

To get these photos, Ms. Loes had to wait for hours on the bridges in Hanoi, waiting for them to cycle over and take pictures. Loes said she originally planned to take a picture of the florist walking without getting entangled, so she thought she would shoot it from above.

"I want people to see what I see, the beauty of street vendors." Ms. Loes shared. “Every day they create a work of art without their knowledge."

The photographer hopes that people after seeing her photos will realize the beauty of street vendors, immigrant women who have to wake up at 4 a.m. hard to cycle kilometers to the sales to earn some money to cover their lives.

Street vendors are a part of the cultural life of Vietnamese people.

Article: Migo

Image source: Multiple authors
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