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Travel to Lang Co, what you may not know

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Lang Co Bay has a length of 42.5 km, with clear blue sea, fine white sand, diverse ecosystem, considered by King Khai Dinh as a place of "foresight". In 2009, Lang Co Bay was voted into Worldbays' list of "World's Most Beautiful Bays".

Beautiful season

The best time to explore Lang Co Bay is from 4 to 8 months. Lang Co has a rainy season from September to December, of which the two rainiest months are 10 and 11.


Lang Co is located along Highway 1A, right at the foot of Hai Van pass, so it is convenient to travel by road such as private car or bus.

If traveling by train or plane, visitors should choose the destination of Da Nang. Travel time from the airport/train station to Lang Co is about 1 hour 15 minutes. If you come to Hue, the travel time will be double. Lang Co town is more than 60 km from Hue city and about 25 km from Da Nang in Phu Loc district.


Lang Co has a diverse system of motels, hotels and resorts, serving a wide range of guests. Budget hotels are located along Highway 1A, with prices ranging from VND 300,000 per night. Some addresses are highly appreciated on booking websites such as BH Villa Lang Co, Ha Phuong Homestay, Anh Dung Guesthouse.

More upscale accommodations include Lang Co Beach Resort. This is a resort located right on Highway 1A, the town center, 4-star standard, with a large swimming pool and minimum facilities for visitors. Room rates at Lang Co Beach Resort range from 700,000 VND per night, depending on the time.

About 20 km from the town center are two 5-star resorts Angsana Lăng Cô and Banyan Tree Lăng Cô, on the coast of Canh Duong. The two resorts have high-class facilities such as large swimming pools, golf courses, gyms, spas.

Where to play

Bach Ma National Park about 30 km from the center of Lang Co town. The terrain in the national park is hilly and steep. Bach Ma peak is 1,450 m high, is an ideal place for many tourists who like to trek. If you have time, you can trek the entire bow in 2-3 days, or just combine trekking and car ride to the top in about 6-7 hours.

Hai Vong Dai on the top, Do Quyen waterfall, Five Lakes with the five most beautiful lakes in Bach Ma forest, clear and cool streams ... are places not to be missed on the trekking journey. You can spend the night outside the garden door, in an old French villa on the way to the top or camp in the national park area.

Hai Van Quan Built in 1826, it is a military stronghold on the top of Hai Van pass, which is also the geographical boundary of Thua Thien - Hue province and Da Nang city. Hai Van Quan squeezes through a mountain range that crashes into the sea from the Annamite Mountains. The top of Hai Van pass is about 15 km from Lang Co. This is also a viewing point for the beautiful Lang Co Bay. Guests can stroll for a morning or afternoon, stopping for coffee at the top.

Lap An Lagoon located at the foot of Phu Gia pass, nearly 5 km from the center of Lang Co town, surrounded by Bach Ma mountain. Visitors should reach the lagoon early in the morning, at low tide so that they can see the road turning the water in the middle of the lagoon. This was also a favorite fishing place of King Khai Dinh and Bao Dai every summer. Near the lagoon there is a small fishing village with seafood restaurants of local people, which is the ideal place to have lunch and explore the specialties of Lang Co.

Fort Ca Arch Bridge located at the foot of Hai Van pass. Around 1881-1885, the first railway in Vietnam with a length of 70 km connecting Saigon - My Tho was started by the French. By the beginning of the 20th century, the route continued to be built through Hai Van Pass with a total length of 28 km, with 18 bridges, including Don Ca arch bridge. The bridge was inaugurated around 1906, with an architecture consisting of 4 arches, built mainly of stone, 20 m high with a length of about 100 m.

Beaches: Lang Co Bay has many beautiful beaches, of which Canh Duong, Lang Co and Binh An beaches are the three most prominent. In Jingyang Beach, sunrise is the most beautiful time of the day. Visitors can watch the sun gradually rise from the horizon, hugging the arc-shaped beach, the sun's rays shining on the sea surface create a sparkling effect. There are also many camping services, renting tents by the beach. Visitors can rent fishermen's boats to explore the waters at the foot of Hai Van Pass.

What eats

Seafood grown and caught right in Lang Co Bay is quite rich and quality. A special thing about Lang Co is that you can stop to eat any small restaurant along the road, especially the area at the bottom of the Lang Co slope. A full bowl of seafood porridge for breakfast from 25,000 VND, or a full lunch for about 200,000 VND to 300,000 VND per person.

There are some famous delicious seafood here such as oysters, shrimp, squid, abalone. Some famous addresses such as Viet Long floating restaurant, Minh Tam restaurant, Be Than, Anh Phi, Vietpearl. In addition, floating rafts in the Lap An lagoon area are also an option for visitors.


Hai Van Pass tunnel is only for cars, so if visitors ride motorbikes to the pass, when returning to Lang Co, they will also have to take the pass, or park motorbikes on transport vehicles.

Some beaches in Lang Co do not have warning signs and permanent rescue teams, so when swimming you need to avoid deep water to ensure safety.

In the evening in Lang Co, there are not too many entertainment activities because it is located quite far from the city center.

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