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Finding nature's call at Avana Retreat

Translated by Bing
After months of being buried indoors, where is the first place that comes to mind after getting out? We chose to return to Mother Nature and also a trip to experience the Retreat Resort model that is prevalent in Vietnam.

In English, retreat is understood as regression, staying hidden. In the current accommodation service industry, Retreat resort is a resort model that gives customers a space to escape the worries of daily life and regenerate positive energy. Often chosen to be located in majestic mountains, sparsely populated beaches, this wellness tourism model promises to awaken all human senses in the city with wonderful and interesting experiences.

To really relax and not want to rush during the enjoyment, we chose to stay at Avana Retreat for 3 days and 2 nights. Here are some of Migo's experiences:

Have eyes in the murmuring green of the mountains and forests

From Mai Chau town, we had to travel more than 30km to reach Avana Retreat. The road was easy to find, but zigzagged along the mountains, which was enough to make us understand that we were coming to a place isolated from the urban life in the valley.

At Avana, bungalows are scattered along the hillside, room rates also vary according to altitude and view. The highlight between these greens is the waterfall that flows from the top of the mountain to the foot of the hill and creates gentle terraces. In each room, the items are decorated with dark wood furniture, creating a warm feeling and small signage to remind guests of what Avana Retreat focuses on and aims to protect the environment.

Relax at Orchid Spa

After a few hours in the car, we booked a massage at Orchid Spa on the second day. But really, what we expected from this session was not what we needed. Spa staff took great care when paying attention to the customer's experience in terms of the heat of the water, the strength of the force when massaging and adjusting the lighting in the room accordingly. But I think it takes more time for the spa team here to improve their professional capacity. As it is known, Avana has recruited and trained indigenous people to become the main labor resource for the resort.

In terms of space, it can be said that this is an area that makes me feel really relaxed. From the main lobby of the reception, along the long wooden path is a gym with jogging, cycling and basic weights. In addition to the one-block spa rooms, Avana also has separate spa rooms for 2 to 4 people. The meditation and yoga area is set up in a wooden hut right above the murmuring waterfall. This is also the sound of nature that helps you focus on your breath and remove all distractions. 

Dine every day at Green Chili restaurant

The menu at Green Chili restaurant is divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner. The lunch menu is more about Vietnamese dishes such as mango, grapefruit, shredded chicken, main dishes prepared in a rustic style and porridge and hot pot dishes. The evening menu is a collection of European dishes with a wider selection of options.

According to the team's assessment, we found that the restaurant showed a stronger aftertaste and decoration of Western food, while Asian dishes – which should actually be the restaurant's strong point to showcase the local character and freshness of the ingredients – were somewhat "inferior".

Sip cocktails and snacks as you head to Cloud Pool Bar 

During the hours from 16h to 17h daily, you will enjoy free snacks at the bar of the Cloud Pool Bar area. This is also where you can sip your favorite drink and watch the two-storey infinity pool surrounded by mountains and forests. However, the cocktails here do not give a sophisticated feel of the skill of a professional bartender.


All in all, Avana Retreat left us with memories in our hearts. The problem is because of the open and wide space of the mountain, the vivid sound of the waterfall. The problem is by honest and honest people. But it's also about what hasn't been experienced, about what we're expecting more from the word "Retreat" that Avana is trying to convey. In fact, people in the modern century are facing invisible problems and pressures. And to calm these tangled heads, it's not easy.

Hopefully, in the coming time, Avana Retreat will further train soft skills for staff, focusing on developing indigenous dishes and enriching fun and relaxing activities for each visitor.

See you soon!

Video: Lam Linh/Lana

Image source: Multiple authors
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