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Go for a drink at Kumihimo Bar & Terrace

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Kumihimo Bar & Terrace aims to create a fun 'modern drinking' experience with a menu of 'Robatayaki' style Japanese charcoal grills and a wide selection of drinks.

Kumihimo Modern Japanese Restaurant & Bar has officially launched from September 2023 and received a lot of attention, with 'Bar & Terrace' considered a bright spot, attracting Hanoi diners.

Kumihimo Modern Japanese is one of the 9 restaurants and bars of JW Marriott Hanoi - the hotel is known for its high-class culinary services. During the past 10 years, JW Marriott Hanoi has continuously introduced restaurants and bars and thereby affirmed the spirit of continuous innovation. 

'Robatayaki' or 'Robata' is a style of grilling imbued with Japanese cuisine, which has appeared centuries ago and emerged from the preservation and cooking habits of fishing village fishermen. The grill menu at Kumihimo includes basic options such as chicken wings, Wagyu beef, orange fish, salmon, tiger shrimp, octopus and vegetables that are somewhat familiar but offer unexpected flavors after being grilled over charcoal.

Chef James has specially added rich sauces, creating an irresistible attraction. Grilled skewers accompanied by draft beer or sake become the signature duo here, conquering any visitor. In addition, the bartenders at the restaurant also create a special cocktail collection dedicated to 'Robatayaki' by combining beer and a variety of fruits. Their taste is incredibly refreshing, awakens and stimulates the taste buds. 

The food and drinks are delicious, but Kumihimo Bar & Terrace wants more. Here, 'Robatayaki' is no longer just a type of food preparation but a unique type of experience – 'modern drinking'. Therefore, the space is uniquely designed to make diners really relax, feel the liberal style and freedom. 

The indoor area or Bar is accented by red rope braiding - showing a close connection with the main idea of the restaurant. Because, 'Kumihimo' is also the name of the Japanese art of knitting and symbolizes connections. The glass ceiling and cozy yellow lights create an impressive overall. The restaurant also arranges many sofa areas so that large groups of guests can sit and chat while enjoying a drink. 

The Terrace area feels new and more comfortable thanks to the open outdoor space. Following the entrance to the Terrace, guests will also pass through the 'Robatayaki' processing counter with open windows where grills are grilled over a flaming charcoal stove. It can be said that in the cold autumn-winter weather in Hanoi, the experience of enjoying grilled skewers is still hot with a glass of cool beer in the sunset scenery is a unique experience. In addition, nights from Thursday to Saturday, there are also soothing acoustic music performances. 

Kumihimo Bar & Terrace is truly a new destination not to be missed because of the uniqueness of the experience that diners get every time they visit – the 'modern drinking' experience. 

Start the Christmas season with Modern Japanese restaurant Kumihimo with 'The Christmas Robatayaki' barbecue party featuring street food at the outdoor space 'Kumihimo Bar & Terrace'. In the freezing weather, enjoying the rich flavor of food by the fire and a warm cup of sake will definitely be a memorable experience. Time: 24.12.2023 

Besides, chefs James Lorenzo and Tanaka are cherishing surprises dedicated to their friends 'Taiken - The Omakase' on New Year's Eve (in Japanese, 'Taiken' means trust). With a personal 'secret' menu inspired by fresh seasonal ingredients, are you ready for a meal with 1-0-2 days at the end of the year? • Time: 31.12.2023

Address: No. 8, Do Duc Duc Street, Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: 024 3833 5588

Website: https://www.kumihimo.vn/ - https://www.facebook.com/kumihimo/

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Photo: Fb Kumihimo Bar & Terrace

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