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Come to Pu Luong to enjoy Co Lung duck

Translated by Bing
Coming to Hieu village, Pu Luong tourist area, visitors will enjoy Co Lung duck, a breed of duck raised in streams, low fat, firm meat, lean.

Co Lung duck is a famous indigenous dish of Thai people in Hieu village, Ba Thuoc district. This duck has a long-standing genetics in Hieu village, then developed and bred to raise in Co Lung commune, has short legs, gourds with brown feathers mixed with black, The neck is short, large, around the neck there are white rounded cavities.

Co Lung ducks often live small around the village, in Pu Luong nature reserve, among ravines and natural streams such as Nam Ba, Pu Luong, Pha Lé.

The main food of ducks is chopped forest banana stalks, grain corn and paddy in rice fields. The air here is cool, the streams are clear, there are small aquatic creatures such as fish, shrimp, shrimp are also another form of duck food. This also makes a difference in the taste of Co Lung duck compared to ducks in other localities.

In addition, boiled, roasted duck is also loved by visitors for its tender, sweet and easy-to-prepare meat. When processing, ducks are shed in boiling water of 100 degrees Celsius for about 5-7 minutes, to clean all feathers and offal. Spices have 10 different types such as fish sauce, ginger, lemongrass, black pepper and indispensable macadamia, forest nuts, macadamia leaves.

After preliminary processing, the duck will be stuffed with honey hook leaves and spices and then stitched thoroughly to spin or can brake the belly horizontally so that when baking, the duck quickly cooks and cooks evenly. The spices are seasoned for 60 minutes. Duck can be grilled on a charcoal stove or grilled lu depending on taste. Duck grills for about 45-50 minutes, 50-70 cm from the charcoal stove. When grilled for 10 minutes the meat is hunted, dripping drops of golden fat onto the stove, fragrant.

The griller must turn his hand continuously to cook the meat evenly and use a skewer to prick the thigh or wings so that the inside is cooked. The duck cooks until the skin turns a dark brown color that closely resembles honey then is chopped into bite-sized pieces, arranged on a plate or nan. The duck meat is tender enough, sweet, the skin is crispy, exudes the aroma of macadamia leaves and macadamia.

Guests can add honey when grilling to add flavor to the dish. The duck is rolled with lemon basil, basil, perilla, and some vegetables such as cat chard, coriander, cucumber and dipped with a mixture of duck liver, salt, and crushed macadamia seeds. The natives often use a cross occipital with a little garlic instead of dipping soy sauce like some other places. Alternatively, guests can enjoy boiled duck with lemon pepper salt.

Many restaurants have included Co Lung duck on the menu as a specialty of Ba Thuoc.

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