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Wake up at Jiva Hoa Lu Retreat

Translated by Bing
With a rustic design and pristine scenery, Jiva Hoa Lu Retreat resort leads visitors to immerse themselves in nature... then freely admire the typical symbols of the traditional village.

Jiva Hoa Lu Retreat is embraced in the midst of all rivers, surrounded by beautiful limestone mountains and thus, visitors will be immersed in mysterious fairy tales and immortal poetry about the first capital of the centralized feudal state.

With a rustic design and pristine scenery, Jiva Hoa Lu Retreat leads visitors to get lost in a place "as natural as nature, created as nature", immerse themselves in nature along winding roads, winding lakes, strangely shaped rocks and then freely admire the typical symbols of traditional villages: banyan trees - water wells - courtyards. 

The resort has 84 apartments for tenants (including apartments, detached houses, apartments for 2 people, family apartments, etc.), designed according to traditional and modern trends or combining two cultures of Vietnam and France, along with many facilities for relaxation, entertainment, exercise, health care, etc.

The resort is architecturally designed by Anh Tri Design Joint Stock Company, landscape designed by Mein Garten Joint Stock Company and Vietnamese experts, in addition to the contribution of international architects from Italy and Switzerland.

All the furniture, room items and sculptures are pottery, wood and bronze, exquisitely designed and decorated in a contemporary art style, made by experts from France, Italy and Switzerland, creating a feeling that encourages the imagination to soar and show off the explosive creativity of the sculptors, famous artisans such as Le Lien, Le Cong Thanh, Le Hong Thang...

Coming to Jiva Hoa Lu Retreat, visitors feel like returning to their home. Back to the simple villages, called "Thung". Back to the numberless houses, marked with addresses on a rustic stone slab, neatly placed along the path. Going back to pure Vietnamese names such as "Thung Truc", "Thung Man", "Thung Mo", "Rice Grain"..., reminding people of their roots and ancestors.

Address: Thai Vi Temple Valley, Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Phone: 093 300 68 86


Source: VNN

Photo: Jiva Hoa Lu Retreat

Image source: Multiple authors
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