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Awaken creativity with 5 weekend art workshops in Hanoi

Translated by Bing
Some suggestions for interesting art workshops for those who are in Hanoi who need to find a place to put all their thoughts aside and get back to themselves.

Painting workshop

In his childhood, everyone must have dreamed of becoming a painter, wearing an apron, next to a pile of paintbrushes, colorful trays with colorful fingers. I will create a work of art myself.

Join the painting workshop, that childhood dream will come true. In just about 3 hours, participants will be given detailed instructions to be able to complete a picture according to the pattern. Each workshop is a different painting model, meeting two criteria: Beautiful and easy to draw. Every prop needed to become a professional painter is fully prepared. At the end of the workshop, each person will have a complete work to take home.

Suggested locations:

Tipsy Art and Megan Art all regularly organize relaxing painting workshops every week.

Cost: Only about 300k to 400k / 3-hour lesson.

Ceramic Workshop

Ceramic workshops are both a space for people to comfortably "play with the ground" and an opportunity for participants to satisfy their inner artist.

A pottery workshop lasts about 3 hours, but there is also a workshop that lasts from morning to afternoon. Participants were given between 1kg and 4kg of clay, and were guided in detail by a potter. After completing the shaping, the workshop will support the firing of the product.

Sitting silently in front of the turntable, hands gently cupping the earth mass, shaping it to caress so that the earth mass should take shape, it is definitely a rare peaceful time like meditating.

Suggested locations:

Pottery Chi organizes pottery making workshops quite often.

Cost: Only about 400k for 3 hours of ceramic making lessons and the finished product has been fired.

Hand Embroidery Workshop

For those who like meticulousness, the hand-embroidery workshop introduces basic embroidery techniques, so anyone can participate. Depending on each session, participants are instructed to embroider different motifs such as flowers, animal shapes ... All tools and materials are of course fully provided by the workshop.

Participating in a hand-embroidery workshop, meticulously following each needle is just a very effective solution to relax and find peace in the soul.

Suggested locations:

Thong Dong Ville and Curiosity Nest

The hand-embroidery workshop held here is extremely quality thanks to the dedication and thoughtful organization style. There are also occasional hand-embroidery workshops combined with tea.

Cost: About 300k.

Flower arrangement workshop

If you feel that your life needs a little more color, a little more poetry, then flower arrangement workshops will be the perfect place to color and add incense to life.

Flower arrangement workshops will often provide a variety of fresh flowers, allowing participants to freely soar and create. The instructors are all artistic flower arrangers, so surely at the end of the workshop, everyone has their own beautiful vase to bring back.

Suggested locations:

Fresh flower shops such as Lithium Florist, Oh, Fleurs, MIRA Florist & Garden Several flower arrangement workshops are held every year.

Cost: From 1 million to 2 million.

Scented candle making workshop

Every scented candle making workshop is a hearty feast of scents! So if you are infatuated with magical scents, you will probably not be able to refuse to attend a scented candle making workshop.

The workshop has prepared all tools and materials to make candles and decorate candles. Participants learn about odor techniques, scented candle recipes, and can make their own scented candles at home.

Each workshop lasts 2 hours. Be immersed in fragrance, "naughty" with essential oils, beeswax, dried flowers ... It will definitely make everyday worries temporarily recede.

Suggested locations:

All In My Hands regularly organize workshops on how to make scented candles. Also Thong Dong Ville There are occasional candle-making workshops.

Cost: About 500k.

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