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Lap An Lagoon, charming scenery of Lang Co Bay of Hue

Translated by Bing
Lap An Lagoon is a brackish lagoon located on the shore of the famous Lang Co Bay, possessing a very charming natural scenery of Hue.

Photo: Hao Do

Lap An Lagoon, also known as An Cu Lagoon, is located at the foot of Phu Gia Pass, near National Highway 1A, passing through Lang Co town. Lap An Lagoon connects Hue and Da Nang, so this place possesses a mysterious beauty full of charm. In front overlooking Lang Co Bay, the blue water is tidy, the four surrounding surfaces are surrounded by the majestic Bach Ma range, the scenery of Lap An lagoon is even more poetic. 

If you are lucky enough to arrive at the right time when the tide is out, you will have the opportunity to witness the sight of the white sand road gradually revealed. The fine white sand with small shells, flanked by the sea, far away looming the shadow of boats or glittering mountains, a scene too poetic and magnificent. 

Watching the four surfaces of nature and enjoying the coolness here is a rare pleasure. You can also find a small boat and float on the lagoon to admire the beautiful scenery, relax in the vast water to feel small in front of the great nature.

The most beautiful Lap An lagoon is at sunrise and sunset, sunrise and sunset create a unique color palette of young clouds that only nature is capable of creating. Every minute is a "movie scene" when the earth and sky change shades, beautiful and captivating.

Lap An Lagoon not only possesses attractive beauty, it is also the livelihood of the neighboring fishing community. As the habitat of many valuable seafood, Lap An lagoon feeds many generations and opens up many new horizons with its generosity. It is easy to see a genuine smile of early morning fishermen who are engaged in catching oysters, shrimp fish to catch the market at the beginning of the day. It is people who are the breakthrough to make the picture of nature of Lap An lagoon more poetic and passionate.

If you are a nature enthusiast, do not miss the opportunity to admire the charming beauty of the immense river of Lap An lagoon, give yourself a trip to drop all your worries to immerse yourself in the pristine scenery of the Central lagoon, of the pride of the country.

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