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Hon Dry Island - a destination not to be missed in Quy Nhon

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Located less than 1km from Nhon Hai fishing village, from above Hon Dry Island (Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh) looks like an animal running at high speed.

Coming to Hon Dry Island (Hon Dry island), visitors have to go through Nhon Hai fishing village, more than 15km from the center of Quy Nhon City. This is a place that is popular with many people because there are still many wild features, without the impact of resort tourism investors. 

This place has a special geological structure with a successive arc, leaning back against the mountain range that feels very solid. All around, the sea always appears two shades of blue, the inside is turquoise, and the outside is blue. 

Hon Dry Island is located only about 1km from the shore of Nhon Hai fishing village. The beach still retains its pristine and rustic character compared to beaches in other places. Swimming here, visitors will see sand, wind and sea merging together to create a large space. From the air, this island has the shape of a running beast. The name "Hon Dry" is a mystery, no one knows where it came from. There are no green coconut trees on the island, no tall old trees, nor is the island crowded with people like many other places.

The area is also one of the ideal coral viewing spots. On the afternoons of May 6, the water receded to reveal the bottom. Viewed from above, seaweed and corals appear quite clearly, creating beautiful patches of color.

To go to Hon Dry island from Nhon Hai fishing village, visitors only take 5-10 minutes by canoe or fishing boat of fishermen. Prices can be negotiated at 100,000 to 200,000 VND / person, depending on the number of guests.

Waking up in the fishing village early in the morning, visitors will feel the pace of life of the people here is peaceful. They start their day with familiar jobs such as basket rowing to pick apricots, spinach, catching fish, squid ... In addition to working hours as net fishermen, fishermen transport tourists to Hon Dry Island to increase their income.

Although not a place to invest in tourism, Nhon Hai fishing village still brings many interesting things. Here, visitors can plunge themselves into the sea to bathe, experience diving to watch corals or follow fishermen to remove nets, experience sea life.

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