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What's special about Tanh Split and SMOKE – two restaurants in Hanoi

Translated by Bing
With a delicate combination of a rich selection of Asian ingredients and Western techniques, SMOKE and Fishy Separation both aim for a breakthrough cooking style in each recipe, in parallel with the vision of intense development in the multi-colored modern cuisine industry in Vietnam.

Tanh Cup Restaurant

Established in 2019 and located on the capital's long-standing Yet Kieu street, Tanh Cup restaurant is the perfect combination of cozy space of ancient French villa architecture combined with new and sophisticated dishes. The name of the restaurant is inspired by the sound of seafood moving on the sea before dawn in Vietnamese fishing villages.

As a place that is always set as a meeting point for special occasions, Tanh Tách knows that space is an important highlight to create a relaxing atmosphere for each customer's experience. Every position of the smallest items, each painting, vase, each plate, the glass cast a shadow under the yellow light or under the sunlight through the window frame has daily attention and care.

Photo: Fb Tanh Split

True to the name and origin, the fresh fishy sound has breathed a breath of enthusiasm into the spirit of the chef here, with the core cooking motto throughout "taking ingredients with Asian colors and flavors as the focus for each dish". In addition to dining service at restaurants for "gourmet" customers, Tanh Cup is also known through the catering service "Tanh Split Private" - bringing quality meals to any location of families and businesses.

Address: No. 3 Yet Kieu Ward, Nguyen Du, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi 112605

Phone: 0559 905 599

Website: tanhtach.com

Photo: Fb Tanh Split

SMOKE Restaurant

Also not far away, located on Tran Hung Dao Street, one of the ancient streets rich in history of Hanoi, SMOKE restaurant is the embodiment of a multi-colored culinary style with key contemporary cooking techniques by wood grilling, creativity and careful selection from fresh Vietnamese ingredients, meticulous combination of Western flavors and essence.

Unlike Tanh Tach, SMOKE restaurant has the concept of "casual dining", aiming at innovation, youthfulness in the experience of all customers from the open kitchen - a cozy, friendly, open space that welcomes diners with coziness originating from smoldering fire, crackling wood, until the woody scent permeates each dish to create an inseparable nostalgia.

Photo: Smoke Restaurant

The restaurant capacity is up to 70 guests and many private areas for intimate or formal events. Private rooms suitable for 6-20 people come with menu choices and decorations according to individual requirements. Every important occasion of diners is always a memorable moment of the SMOKE restaurant team. And SMOKE is not just an event venue, SMOKE is a place to accompany you to tell the story of joy in every moment.

Address: 67 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Telephone: 865906088


Photo: Smoke Restaurant


Image source: Multiple authors
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