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Zen and Vegetarian Dinner at Co Dam Fine Dining

Translated by Bing
Located in Tran Hung Dao street, Hanoi, the architecture of Co Dam Chay is separate from the bustle and noise around. The restaurant is an ingenious combination between Cham Pa architecture full of mystery and Buddhist spirit, creating a natural beauty that is deep and harmonious.

Co Dam vegetarian restaurant stands out with its architecture that combines the spirit of Buddhism and ancient Cham Pa culture with rustic materials.

The Cham Pa civilization was once one of the most flourishing civilizations in Southeast Asia. Since the eleventh century, Buddhist culture has been at its peak, combined with indigenous culture to create a unique and vibrant appearance of Cham Pa culture. With the desire to bring an architectural space that blends the mystery of Cham Pa culture and the peace and tranquility of Buddhism, Co Dam Chay is the place where the owner of the restaurant and architecture chooses to realize this dream.

The red color of baked brick is the main material that creates the impressive arch system when the welcome gate simulates the entrance to Champa temple. The glimmering light lit from the candles highlights the beauty of the reliefs of artisans from Ninh Thuan.

Co Dam is a fine dining vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi. The restaurant has two types of short menu and long menu with prices of 880k / long menu and 680k / short menu with a variety of food sets.

Customer service style aims for elegance with a professional guide serving throughout the meal and giving presentations on the uniqueness of the dishes, thereby enhancing the value and improving the understanding of diners.

Originating from a beloved vegetarian brand, every story, every creation from Co Dam is the seed in the nursery that brings Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine to the world map. But one value that has never changed with each member at the restaurant is "Sincerity."

Foraging - the journey to find field ingredients - an endless source of inspiration for creations at Co Dam is also an invisible link to the story of our journey to bring to diners. Fully enjoy the beauty of local and world ingredients at a peaceful botanical feast in the heart of the city.

Address: 68 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi

Time: 11h00 – 22h00 on weekdays 

Điện thoại: 0908 333 696 / ‭0986 233 996‬


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Photo: Uu Dam vegetarian

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