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What do travel bloggers do when they stop translating?

Translated by Bing
Getting used to trips, flights, now having to take a break from translation at home with four walls, it's not easy with running legs. So what are they doing at the translation lodge?

Pull out the dry salary.

Going on a lot of trips, this trip has not even been able to pour photos that have had another trip in place, so sometimes he has not seen it. A break from translation at home is a time to review photos. There are a lot of photos that I forgot I took. There are many trips that can't remember who they met and where they set foot. Facebook has become a place to show off photos, a time when many trips have been traveled to appear photos for the first time. All these old photos, the tourist wing called "dry salary".

Camping in the house.

Not going anywhere, sitting at home is boring. There are tents available, sleeping bags, camping gear, playing some natural music, opening tents, camping right in the house. Perhaps for many people, it seems that doing this is a bit "crazy", but for commuters, it is happy that at least the tent does not leave mold, bringing a little sense of fun on the road miles.

Ding Hang at namibia's famous Spitzkoppe rock dome

Travel blogger Li Thanh Co on a trip to Japan ahead of COVID-19

Complete the unfinished travel book

People who translate with writing can score a decent name. During the translation season, do not go anywhere, take advantage of completing the book that is badly written. Travebloger Dinh Hang, a famous writer, has released the book Havana Lover that is well received by young people. Tran Dang Dang Khoa, a popular blogger with 1,111 days around the world, is finishing his first book after returning home last summer. Rosie Nguyen, author of "How Much Youth Is Worth!!!" is also finalizing books that will be published in the near future. Translation breaks are an appropriate time to rearrange the messy memories experienced and rewrite them in an orderly manner.

Practice sports every day.

The habits of walking make it impossible for the legs to sit still. Rest but do not rest – it is a state that is necessary to both maintain endurance, toughness and help yourself to promote health against the epidemic. The Ezekiel group's cycling around West Lake continues whenever possible. Walking and exercises in tight spaces are still maintained. To be ready to run out of translation, we're on our way again.

Watch some interesting movies about travel.

There are dozens of interesting movies that every time you watch it, you just want to pick up your backpack and go right away. Sip popcorn and open an indoor cinema with the hit series. Into the Wild (2017) with a journey to Alaska to live a wild life. Along the way, Christopher met people who changed his life. Walter Mitty's Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) explores the beautiful world of walter mitty who has worked for a magazine for 16 years and has a very tedious life. Eat Pray Love (2010) or the young woman's journey to find herself after divorcing her husband. Along with dozens of other interesting films.

Tran Viet Phuong on his new flight review trip

2 Deng in Egypt

Read books that help with trips.

Instead of cheesy love books, the media often kills time with very traveling books called Lonely Planet. In the world of books, everything is there. If you want to go somewhere, turn this book around and preview it. The book has enough guidance for those who are new to the first time and those who have mastered it. And reading those books in English will improve the foreign language skills of the person walking in the fastest way.

Supplementing foreign language knowledge

If you want to be in the world, you have to have a foreign language. Wherever you want to go, you need a foreign language. Regardless of the language of the country, it is necessary. English is the most spoken and most nationally diverse language. The better the foreign language, the higher the confidence, the more dare to go. Therefore, during the translation break, travel bloggers continue to improve their foreign language proficiency to be ready to explore the world in the most obvious way.

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