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Attractive beaches you may not know in Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang

Translated by Bing
Obama Beach, Cape Nghe, Bang rapids, etc. have you been to these places before? Explore these places on your nearest trip!

Buddha Beach

But Beach is also known as Buddha Bay. Since the reign of King Minh Mang of the Nguyen Dynasty, in the early morning, fishermen in the coastal area here discovered a Buddha statue protruding from the sand. The fishermen brought back the water, setting up the am for worship. And then this area was named Bai Buddha. Since then, Bai Bat has always had calm waves, fishermen of fishing villages do business safely.

The special feature of the sea water here is the color change during the day. In the morning and at noon, the water is blue. In the afternoon, the water is green again. The unique feature of the color of the sea makes visitors extremely excited.


Ghenh Bang on the route of Son Tra peninsula is an ideal destination for tourists who like to explore and like to go "backpacking".

To get here, you have to park your car and walk more than 1km of forest road with many steep steep slopes, many gravel rocks and trees. The road is difficult but in return is an extremely unspoiled rapids. One of the interesting entertainments in the rapids is coral diving. Coral clusters grow a lot, colorful, making tourists very excited. 

Golden Sands 

With its back to a corner of Son Tra peninsula, Golden Sand Beach is always quiet, suitable for those who want to find moments of peaceful relaxation. When dusk falls, the beach is dyed red again in the afternoon in a very beautiful way. There are now tourist activities such as kayaking, zipline swing...

Black Rock Beach

Black Rock Beach (located near Golden Sand Beach) attracts visitors with large and small rocks with many strange shapes. Black Rock Beach does not have a beautiful beach but there is a lot of delicious and abundant seafood. Here, you can scuba dive to catch natural seafood and make your own delicious dishes. The road to this place still follows the palace around Son Tra peninsula. At Black Rock Beach, there is also a favorite activity is a campfire overnight, living among the nature of the sea and heaven and earth.

Obama Reef 

This place is also called Bai Da, because it is located near the thousand-year-old banyan tree of Da Nang. The rock beach is located on the way up to Linh Ung Pagoda – Son Tra Peninsula. You can follow the Paracel sea route, to the junction 3 of Son Tra resort road, there will be a note pointing towards Obama Reef. 

Obama Reef does not have fine sand, but the sea here is blue, the air is fresh. Currently, there are open services such as renting huts, selling seafood, renting canoes to play at sea, diving and watching corals,.. The visiting time is from 7:30 to 16:00.

Tien Sa eco-tourism area

Tien Sa Beach is located independently in the north of Son Tra peninsula with a wild and quiet landscape. Here you will be in harmony with nature, with blue sea, white sand and golden sunshine. Tien Sa Beach is an ideal destination, absolutely safe for tourists to relax, picnic, and organize events.

Mui Ni 

This place is located quite far from the city, in the East of Son Tra and is one of the 3 mountains associated with the history of the formation of this peninsula. It is said that the mountain is shaped like a Ni, so it is called Mui Ni, some people also call it Soul Ni.

Up to now, Mui Nghe Da Nang is considered like a lion with its head facing the cliff and facing the sea. The road to Cape Ni is bumpy and dangerous, the scenery is extremely wild, making people come both curious, eager and extremely excited to burst with emotion. This is a sacred land chosen by the lord of mountains and forests as a stopover and reign. 

Article: Ngan Hang

Photo: Internet

Image source: Multiple authors
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