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Start the new year with great things at Hoiana Resort & Golf

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This top-notch 5-star luxury hotel owns classy rooms with sea views, has Golf Shores, highlights with attractive culinary experiences with rich local ingredients, cocktail parties around the world, infinity pool overlooking the sea...

Hoiana greeted me with cups of sweet pea flower tea and Hoi An also entertained me with the sound of the waves murmuring not far from me. My room at Hoiana was as beautiful as a miniature maze. The room is quite large, with a balcony with unlimited sea views, but this is no reason for me to liken it to a maze.

It is a room separated by a lot of doors and you can open and close depending on the mood. If you are afraid that the night will be lonely, you can close all the doors that connect to the bedroom, leaving only one door to the living room to prevent the space from being too closed. If you want to enjoy owning a very comfortable room and want to fill that happy sense of ownership, open all doors to immerse yourself in that space.

All the items in the room are arranged on its purpose, not improvised additions for beauty. It is useful and arranged to provide the most perfect comfort for guests. There were two things that impressed me the most. The first is that I can find filtered water everywhere in the room, from the bathroom to the small bedside table to the drinking water dispensing table. The second is that I can sit anywhere I want, there is no shortage of places to recline or to relax in that room, even outside the balcony there are two seats, one side is a coffee chair watching the sea and the other is a place to lounge to catch the sunrise in the sea.

The room service is extremely good when every time I return to my room after a while to visit the hotel, everything is tidy as before, arranged in every detail, not deviating from the original. Even the built-in speaker in the room is silently charged by the staff to keep it ready in any situation. Every day, the hotel staff will take advantage of the secret housekeeping to bring in delicious macarons on the table. My beautiful moments at Hoiana began like that in this room.

At Hoiana, everything is interconnected and they are meticulously planned to maximize the visitor experience. Besides the room design to meet all the necessary needs, the overall architecture of Hoiana will also overwhelm you. You can take photos everywhere here, any angle will meet the shooting style you want, from the custom-designed swimming pools, The Egde's bar, a variety of culinary restaurants... inside the hotel to the beach or the beautiful Golf Shores golf course outside. If you boldly set the challenge of taking 6 days and 6 nights check-in photos at Hoiana, I affirm that this is always an impossible task.

In terms of food, I have no point to criticize. All local dishes bring the breath of Hoi An and are made from the freshest ingredients, while foreign cuisine is extremely diverse to satisfy any discerning guest such as The Terrace restaurant (which serves breakfast every day with dishes from Asia to Europe), Lucky Court restaurant (serving Chinese cuisine), The Garden restaurant (serving Asian cuisine), Frenchie restaurant (serving international cuisine), Obaltan restaurant (serving Korean cuisine) ... The special feature and common denominator of all these restaurants is that they all possess a luxurious and airy space with each design concept having its own characteristics and creating a certain relaxation.

Throughout my good experience at Hoiana is the enthusiastic support of the staff here. They are the one who binds me to Hoiana most deeply. Being served wholeheartedly from a piece of sleep is evident in every luxury hotel like Hoiana.

Before closing my short journey in Hoi An, Hoiana prepared for me a trip to explore Hoi An ancient town and experience a basket boat to see the typical coconut forest in Hoi An. Nothing could be more perfect than that. Now thinking about Hoiana Resort & Golf, I just remember the feeling of lightness and peace every night I lay on the balcony overlooking the sea and the comfort to the smallest detail – the things that made every moment of my most memorable at Hoiana.

But... You know what the most memorable thing is? It was before I pulled my suitcase out of Hoiana that I discovered a box of pretty chocolate cakes on my nightstand. It has been there since the first day I arrived. It's a hotel full of secret gifts and the team knows how to make their guests smile.

Address: Duy Hai, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam, Vietnam

Phone: 0235 8586 999

Website: https://www.hoiana.com/

According to Luxuo

Photo/Video: Hoiana Resort & Golf Fanpage

Image source: Multiple authors
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