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Avana Retreat - a 5-star resort in the middle of the banana forest in Mai Chau

Translated by Bing
Located in the middle of the forest of white flowers, Avana Retreat brings a feeling of closeness and comfort like stepping into a genuine Thai and Hmong village.

A concert of mountains and architecture

Inspired by nature and indigenous culture, Avana is designed as a mountain village with villas on stilts, palm leaf roofs, orange-brown earthen walls to help warm in winter, cool in summer.

In the room, the interior is crafted from wood to create a cozy feeling, decorated with bronze paintings with non-duplicate content, expressing Mai Chau human culture, painted specifically by the artist for the resort.

The villas have very large balconies, approximately the size of a room, overlooking the terraced fields or green valleys of Mai Chau. Combined with a large glass door system, helping nature to be as fresh as stepping into a bed. In addition, rooms have a bathtub overlooking the mountains and hills, creating a feeling of relaxation wherever you are.

This resort has up to 4 warm water infinity pools simulating stacked terraces. Near the falls is a spa area offering rejuvenating treatments that, when you come here, you will get lost on the wooden bridge along the stream, nestled under the canopy of old-growth forest.

According to the resort's reasoning, Avana mean "Beautiful Wildflower".

Satisfy the senses with a series of exquisitely selected experiences

A new day in Avana usually begins with the chirping of forest birds through each layer of trees and leaves. However, the new day may come earlier for those who do not want to "miss" the beautiful "cloud hunting" moment right in their own villa.

When the sun clears, following the local guides, from the resort, you can choose to take a jeep to explore the village of Mai Chau, or trek through the valley, on the trails through the forest and learn the unique culture of the Thai, Muong, H'Mong people around here.

In the afternoon, just relaxing in the warm swimming pool, watching the terraced fields in the pouring water season or the aroma of ripe rice, is enough to recharge the energy consumed after the day exploring.

Darkness falls when the bridge leading to the spa is lit up with hundreds of candles, creating a magical shimmer. The best way to enjoy this magical view is to book a romantic dinner by the waterfall and mark a romantic holiday memory with the sound of the stream gurgling in your ears.

Embracing sustainable tourism values

Not only bringing nature closer to everyone, Avana Retreat is also a place where visitors can authentically experience the life of the people here. It is the plowing scene of H'Mong, Thai ethnic groups right in the terraced fields on the resort campus; is the giggle laughter of children who follow their parents in the field.

This is how the resort breathes life into the "village", starting from encouraging people to cultivate for free on the terraced fields, along with supporting the construction of solid houses for people to rest when coming here to work.

Avana Retreat also minimizes environmental waste; Say no to plastic utensils and items. Food is made from pure organic ingredients, without pesticides or chemicals. Even shampoos, shower gels or conditioners are ordered with organic ingredients and their own scents.

Small actions are very small but show the responsibility and vision of those who do tourism from their own minds.

Note when visiting Avana Retreat

Address: Hamlet Penh, Bao La Commune, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh. The resort is about 160 km from Hanoi and nearly 30 km from Mai Chau town center.

- During the day it is sunny but dark can be chilly, you should bring a thin jacket to use when needed.

- Some other items to bring: Personal belongings, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, swimwear, and favorite snacks.

- Nearby attractions: You can combine visiting Thai ethnic villages in Mai Chau town or rent a boat to explore the bed of Da River lake (Thac Bo Lord temple, Thac Bo cave)

- Price: From 6 million VND/room/night


Photo: Fb Avana Retreat

Image source: Multiple authors
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