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Warm, comfortable and familiar as home at Maison Que Ninh Binh

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Home is the place to return. Maison Que will be a place where people can go at any time. Let Maison Que record the happy and happy moments of you and your family.

In everyday language, if the word "Home" reminds us of the idea of a family home, the word "Home" reminds us of many good nostalgia: banyan trees, courtyards, rice fields, stork wings, bamboo ramparts, vegetable gardens, fish ponds ... As much as "Home" loves, "Home" is dear.

Country House (Maison Country) born from the emotional pieces of nostalgia for the best of "Home" and of "Country", from the desire to affirm that the sum of certain good things cannot be an ugly thing. Coming to the rustic, simple Country House, you will experience different levels of emotions, be relaxed in a really cozy and close space as if you are going far to return home in the middle of your hometown.

Far from the city center, Maison Que is located in the middle of Tam Coc land and is an ideal location for travelers who like to spend time cycling to visit the surrounding areas. The house is surrounded by locals and hills and ripe rice fields. 

Thanks to that, visitors at Maison Que can experience different, peaceful roads, discover the pristine beauty of the village, far from the noisy and crowded main roads.

The house is designed into 2 rooms with a large yard in front of the door, bearing the typical style of the Northern countryside. In front of the house is a swimming pool made in the shape of a leaf, next to a wooden pavilion to relax and rest. 

Living room: Like familiar houses in the Northern countryside, entering the house will be a large living room, meticulously arranged, sophisticated, showing the lifestyle and personality of the owner. The characteristic feature of the living room area is a large, wide couch corner, occupying more than half of the room area, a place to sit and relax, receive guests, or a place for family and friends to gather to chat. Next to it is a long wide dining table made of oak wood to set up the family dinner tray. 

Bedroom: The 2nd floor consists of two bedrooms, a master bedroom and an extra bedroom. Both rooms have large windows to make the most of natural light and fresh air. From the bed, you can overlook the poetic mountain scenery, creating the feeling of living among nature.

The special feature of Maison Que is the handicraft products decorated in harmony with the rich natural landscape. Each corner of the house is meticulously decorated to fully express the Vietnamese village culture. The large window design overlooks 3 different directions (rice fields, mountains and hills, homesteads), helping the space to be expanded and filled with nature. To enter the house, visitors must walk on the gravel path, through pond fields. There is a swimming pool and a cool pavilion in front of the house where guests can rest and relax. 

Area: more than 2000m2 | Maximum number of guests: 6 persons

Includes: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, outdoor pool and cool pavilion

Address: Hai Nham Village, Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam

Phone: (84) 037 82 53 555 | +(84) 024 62 73 36 15

Website: https://www.lamaisonque.com/vi/ve-maison-que/

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Photo: Maison Fanpage Que Ninh Binh

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