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8 great things why Australian travelers choose Vietnam

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Diverse nature with seas, mountains and plains, bold culture and rich cuisine are the plus points that make Australian tourists ready to choose a destination in Vietnam.

Home to the most beautiful beach in Vietnam: Phu Quoc

This island is extremely popular with Vietnamese and international tourists. Cause? The beaches are so gorgeous that it is possible to make people really put their cameras down and enjoy the view. One of Phu Quoc's other temptations is the VinWonders theme park. Or the longest cable car in Vietnam and also the longest cable car crossing the sea in the world, this is the ideal place for all visitors to explore Phu Quoc.

The city with the best cuisine: Hanoi

The historic capital of Vietnam is less vibrant than the commercial center in the south, Ho Chi Minh City. HCMC but still many of the same attractions: Irreproachable street food, great hotels, friendly exchange rate of the Australian dollar and beautiful little old town. This is also an ideal place to start exploring Halong Bay.

Favorite place: Tranquil Hoan Kiem Lake, which brings calm after the noisy pace of urban life.

Halong Bay alternatives: Lanxia and Bai Zilong

The bays to the north and south of Ha Long are less crowded but almost have absolute beauty. As infrastructure evolves, you'll still find everything you need for a memorable day out and great landscape photos without layers of boats bobbing around.

Favorite place: Kayaking between islands.

The city doesn't sleep: HCMC HCM

New York was once dubbed the "city that never sleeps" but the city. HCM will most likely win this title in the next few years. From the lines of motorbikes that flood the streets and rows of pho shops, roadside bread to the streets of confetti shopping and French colonial architecture, it's all overwhelming in every way. And although the war ended in 1975, its image remains in the city in the form of posters, the War Remnants Museum or the Independence Palace.

Favorite spot: Bargain-friendly shopping malls.

Lý do du khách Úc chọn Việt Nam thay vì Thái Lan hay Indonesia- Ảnh 4.

The most beautiful nature destination: Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park

A man named Ho Khanh in 1990 discovered a cave that Guinness World Records later declared the largest cave in the world. This place is Son Doong cave, so large that it has a rainforest ecosystem inside but remember, visitors can only be reached through private tours.

Favorite place: Explore the stalactites up to more than 80m high inside the cave.

Best Cultural City in Vietnam: Hoi An

Its strategic coastal location made this beautiful city one of the most dynamic commercial ports in the region with ships from Japan, Spain and North America visiting for many years of the 17th century. Add merchants from all over Asia and this place has an accumulation culture unlike any other in Vietnam. Head to the old town, home to an ornate covered bridge, butter-yellow houses, and countless temples.

Favorite place: Bargain seafood lunch at An Bang beach, just 10 minutes by motorbike from the old town.

Best beach destination in Vietnam: Danang and White House

These two cities have many luxury seaside hotels, 5-star amenities at affordable prices. Danang's top attractions include Cham culture (the Museum of Cham Sculpture is incredible), Marble Mountains and Quang noodles. Meanwhile, White House has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and the beautiful coastal Tran Phu Road.

Favorite place: Therapeutic mud bath in White House.

Lý do du khách Úc chọn Việt Nam thay vì Thái Lan hay Indonesia- Ảnh 7.

Best places to trek: Sapa

Those who have been to Vietnam for many years will say that Sapa is over-commercialized and not as pristine as it used to be, but the trails around Muong Hoa valley and Fansipan peak are still as spectacular as they once were. And the center of Sapa small town is interesting with fast food shops, small guest houses and a variety of great crafts.

Favorite places: Bike trips.

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