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7 treatment rooms in the first Korean standard Jjimjilbang complex in Vietnam

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Located in Vinpearl Harbour commercial street on Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang, Aquafield Nha Trang is the first Korean-standard Jjimjilbang spa & sauna complex in Vietnam. It was also Aquafie's first overseas facility

About Jjimjilbang and Aquafield Nha Trang

Aquafield Nha Trang is the first Korea-specific relaxation and wellness complex in Vietnam and Aquafield's first overseas facility with iconic Korean sauna (Jjimjibang) experiences, therapeutic massage, beauty and cuisine. The complex has an area of up to 5,400m2 with a capacity of simultaneously serving 1,040 guests. 

With a bright, sophisticated and luxurious design inspired by Nha Trang's pristine green beaches combined with contemporary minimalist style from Korean architects, Aquafield Nha Trang is a wonderful relaxing space and completely different from all the current Jjimjilbang in Vietnam.

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Treatment rooms at Aquafield Nha Trang

Aquafield Nha Trang has a total of 7 treatment rooms with 7 completely separate concepts, with temperatures ranging from 5 – 90 degrees Celsius, humidity from 10 – 70% to bring a variety of experiences with different effects depending on the needs of each customer.

Snow and Ice Room

Snow and Ice Room is a unique space where you can feel the coolness of the Korean snowy winter right in Vietnam – a tropical country. It improves inflammation and reduces stress by cooling muscles that have been burned by vigorous activity, thereby preventing chronic injuries, stimulating blood circulation and tightening pores.

Cypress Room

The wooden slats in this room are all wood from the core of great Hinoki trees imported from Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. In traditional medicine, Hinoki wood essential oil is used to treat skin problems, allergies, bringing a very pleasant feeling. The scent from wood is diffused in a negative ion environment to support the treatment of respiratory problems such as asthma, pulmonary congestion.... Recently, researchers also found active ingredients capable of inhibiting cancer cells in Hinoki wood.

Cloud Mist Room

Cloud Mist Room helps to relax, deeply moisturize the skin, improve the respiratory system. The delicate fragrance and meditative music melody will bring relaxation and comfort like a floating place.

Multi-salt Room

The Himalayan Salt Rock Chamber is built with salt imported directly from the Himalayas, containing many minerals that seep into the body and refresh cells. Salt helps relieve symptoms of allergies and asthma, softens the skin and fights aging.

Bulgama Room

Bulgama room uses high-quality plastic red clay tiles with far infrared rays to help purify the body, fight inflammation and prevent cancer. In addition, red clay is known to support blood circulation under the skin, soothe itchy, burning, slimming skin.

Charcoal Room

Charcoal helps neutralize acidified body organs and produces negative ions to promote health recovery, detoxification, blood circulation, skin allergy prevention, body purification.

Yellow Earth Chamber

The room uses famous loess land from the Goryeong-gun mountains, Gyeongsangbuk-do province, South Korea. Far-infrared rays from loess soil stabilize brain waves, relax the body and mind, and instantly relieve pain. In addition, loess soil also has a purifying effect, antibacterial for the body and beautifies the skin

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