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5 bars you should try as soon as you come to Hanoi

Translated by Bing
This list is not a café, this is a tour exploring bars with distinct and clear colors and personalities, expressed in the atmosphere and style of drinks.

The Haflington

Located in the attic of an old house on Hang Ma Street, The Haflington is designed as a private museum with typical European architecture, using many wood materials combined with warm yellow lights, accentuated by wall paintings and antiques or animal specimens from small to large.

The light here is quite dark, only kindling small dim lights or somewhere moonlight from the transparent ceiling, creating a sense of mystery and mystery, like getting lost in ancient museums. It has two floors: a side floor with a private room area with a comfy sofa. The main floor – where the bar is located and also the space people often choose to sit, with high chairs and suitable for chatting couples.

As a cocktail bar with opening hours when the sun is not yet out, you can enjoy glasses of wine right after work, an exciting experience with the spirit of liking to drink, not wait. The Haflington menu focuses on classic cocktails – drinks with classic recipes, aiming for classic and original values. They are quite heavy, so if you do not drink a lot of alcohol, do not hesitate to ask the bartender for more advice.

Address: 94 Hang Ma

Opening hours: 15:00 – 21:00

Phone: +84 879499094


Photo: The Haflington

Kuusi by Tung

A strange model in Hanoi – molecular cocktails. Kuusi offers innovative modernist cocktails for those who love something new and different.

If high-end food has "fine dining," then high-end drinks (here wine) will have "tasting cocktails." In Kuusi, all drinks are pre-menud, only 5 types, the flavor goes from mild to strong. Kuusi offers 2 different levels of "charging" for you, "fast charging" with short menu (3 drinks) and if you need to "fully charge" then have a long menu (5 drinks).

Kuusi uses machines that apply chemical and physical principles to affect the molecular structure of the ingredients in the drink, so each glass of wine has a stranger taste and taste than usual. It's clear that the local ingredients are familiar (chocolate, cinnamon leaves, etc.) but in a new shape, a new color.

Kuusi focuses mainly on experiencing the explosive taste and structure of the drink, so the space is quite simple, somewhat cramped when the maximum only welcomes 12 guests at the same time. Divided into 2 floors, the 1st floor with 6 seats of high chairs close together and a mezzanine with a soft sofa for 4 people.

Address: 2C Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem

Opening hours: 19:30 – 01:00 (every 2nd day off)

Phone: 0367 662 355

Website: https://www.kuusibytung.com/https://www.facebook.com/KuusibyTUNG/

Photo by: Kuusi by Tung


The true rendezvous for the saying "morning drink ivory dinner drink wine." Two Four specializes in serving coffee during the day and in the evening is Hai-BAR-Four, with a cocktail bar menu.

The street bar model in Vietnam is not many, but Hanoi is even rarer. Two-BAR-Four pioneers take the lead and impress, bringing premium, luxurious beverages closer and friendlier to enjoyers at affordable prices.

Originally a café, some cocktail drinks here are also adapted from this ingredient, try Espresso Martini, you will be surprised to see the taste of milky brown coffee in that 1 alcoholic drink.

The space is simple, cozy and the façade facing the street is crowded with people. An interesting experience when this is a rare bar where you can hug your laptop at work, order a cocktail to "steam" and sublimate creativity.

Address: 43 Nguyen Du, Hai Ba Trung

Opening hours: 19:00 – 00:00


Photo: Two-BAR-Four


LTAS (Longer Than a Summer) comes from a private music room, and then opens its doors to welcome new friends who share the same interest in music.

To get to this "music room", you will need to go through someone who frequents the guide. Or directly message the shop to receive directions about the location and information about the shop (costume requirements, common space rules ...).

It is true that coming to LTAS needs a charm, but when the charm comes, you will absolutely enjoy the music space with many emotions. With limited visibility when the light is only minimal, your personal experience will be maximized – focusing exclusively on hearing, taste and touch.

The menu at LTAS is not fixed, you will be asked by the bartender to the table to chat and advise suitable drinks. Cocktails are different every day, with Wednesday being Whiskey Night. LTAS is suitable for solo trips or double dates. They value privacy, so if you are really curious and want to experience something different, when visiting this place, go lightly, talk quietly and laugh.

Address: Somewhere near the Cathedral, Hoan Kiem

Opening hours: 20:00 – 01:00


Photo: LTAS (Longer Than a Summer)


The last name on the list, the name is no stranger to those who are "addicted to chill." Although I am smooth-faced, familiar with the name, I still have to mention it, because this place is the origin of the Pho-flavored cocktail – the cocktail that brings Vietnamese imprints around the world.

Unbelievable for those who have never tasted it, this alcoholic beverage tastes like you are "slurping" a bowl of fragrant beef noodle soup broth, with full layers of flavors such as cinnamon, anise, cardamom and cilantro served with fresh lemon and hot peppers.

Not only stopping at Pho, Ne brings cocktail quintessence inspired by familiar indigenous ingredients. You can choose for yourself a glass of seductive ginger apricot umbrella or indulge in Hanoi autumn with Nuggets, or find your childhood with Cao Pho from Vodka and soy milk.

Address: 12 Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem

Opening hours: 20:00 – 01:00

Phone: +84 39 822 2801


Photo: Nebunke

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