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5 delicious Thai restaurants to try in Hanoi

Translated by Bing
Along with tourism, Thai cuisine is also widely known all over the world. Attractive delicacies such as som tum, tom yum, pad Thai ... are no longer too unfamiliar names for foodies. In Hanoi, you can also enjoy the flavors of authentic Thai cuisine at the restaurants below.

Botanica Thai bistro

Address: Trung Hoa, Cau Giay

Opening hours: 9-23h

This is a place to enjoy high-end Thai food. The restaurant space has the culture of the land of Golden Pagodas. Diners will enjoy dishes with traditional flavors such as tom yum soup, shrimp salad, Thai Chiang-mai hot pot, pad Thai, mango sticky rice ... with spices imported directly from Thailand.

In addition to Thai dishes, the restaurant also serves European-style dishes, giving diners a luxurious culinary experience.

Khrua Baan Thai

Address: 2 main campuses in Trieu Viet Vuong and Thai Ha

Opening hours: 10h30-14h30, 17h30-22h30

This is a fusion-style Thai restaurant with a modern, youthful designed space, suitable for small parties of family, friends or romantic dates.

The typical dishes of the restaurant are spicy dishes such as spicy Thai ribs, spicy minced pork larb, sour Thai hot pot... is seasoned to create a balanced flavor of sour - spicy - sweet.

The restaurant also serves typical curries of the land of the Golden Pagoda and seafood such as Thai shrimp salad with deep-fried head, squid in Thai sauce... In addition, the eye-catching food decoration is also a plus point of this place.

Koh Yam

Address: Multiple campuses

Opening hours: 11-22h

This is also a familiar name for those who love Thai food. This brand has many establishments in Hanoi with spacious and luxurious restaurant space, including a quiet private dining area.

The dishes here are not too new, but the special feature is that the sauce accompanying each dish has its own unique flavor. Outstanding dishes for you to fully taste Thai flavors such as naked shrimp salad or pilaf tom yum soup. This system also serves set dishes and combos for diners traveling in groups to have more options.

Krabi Thai Cuisine

Address: Xa Dan, Nam Dong, Dong Da

Opening hours: 10h30-14h, 17h30-22h

This restaurant is famous for its authentically prepared seafood dishes in Krabi sea and especially Thai hot pot. Diners coming to the restaurant often choose volcanic Thai hot pot with rich spicy and sour soup, diverse dips including seafood, Thai hot pot balls of all kinds, beef, vegetables, beans ...

In addition, the restaurant also serves sour, spicy, salty, sweet Thai dishes such as fried rice, pad Thai, som tum and tom yum soup, chicken legs in Thai sauce, fish in spicy and sour sauce, stewed ribs...

The space of this Krabi-style restaurant is not too large but is designed modernly and cleanly. The restaurant is usually quite crowded in the evenings and weekends, diners should pay attention to book tables early.

Kratha hat

Address: Ham Long, Hoan Kiem

Opening hours: 10h30-14h, 18- 22h

This is a two-in-one combination of hot pot and Thai grill at the same table, bringing a fairly new experience. This unique combination once caused a fever with Golden Pagoda foodies, fully "exposing" the appeal of Thai street food.

Another impressive point is that the menu in the restaurant is also very different and constantly changed. The dishes are prepared on the spot to help the food flavor be preserved and freshest, harmoniously combining enough flavors. However, if you want to find familiar Thai dishes, you will still be met with interesting variations.

According to Zing

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