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12 months of exploring Ho Chi Minh City

Translated by Bing
Saigon is located in the sub-equatorial tropical monsoon zone, so the high temperature is uniform throughout the year with 2 distinct seasons: The rainy season is from May 5 to November, the dry season is from December to April 4. Each season in Saigon has its own characteristics that attract visitors to visit.

March 1 - Mild weather

Immersed in the bustling atmosphere of Saigon's traditional markets such as Ben Thanh, Binh Tay or An Dong in Cho Lon, people are busy preparing for the Lunar New Year. The most prominent is Ho Thi Ky flower market, with all kinds of daisies, orchids, borage, wall sand, coins ... Large commercial centers this time also have many attractive incentives at the end of the year.

Note: Traffic is heavy, you need to pay attention when traveling or be careful of furniture. This is a good time to visit the famous clubhouses and pagodas in Saigon.

May 2 - Dry, sunny day, cool evening

Saigon with the traditional Tet atmosphere, the scene on the pier under the boat at Binh Dong flower market - only open from December 23, brilliant yellow apricot colors throughout the streets, streets decorated full of life, especially in District 5. Two other prominent destinations are Nguyen Hue flower street and Ong Do street (Pham Ngoc Thach street), open from before to after Tet.

February is also the season of pink trumpet flowers, the flowers are shaped like bells, pastel pink and grow in clusters of about 5-12 flowers. Flowers grow abundantly on Vo Van Kiet Street, Ham Nghi (District 1), Dien Bien Phu Street (Binh Thanh District) or Trung Son Residential Area (Binh Chanh District, bordering District 7, District 8).

February is the driest month, you should use moisturizer, drink plenty of water during the trip.

Photo: vnvy99

March 3 - Dry hot but still pleasant when the sun goes out

In March 3, the fluorescent flowers in Saigon bloom again. Flowers are grown as ornamental in many parks and sidewalks in Saigon but the most beautiful are the trees on the inner city railway, running through District 3, Phu Nhuan. In particular, in the area of Le Van Sy Street, Nguyen Van Troi, trees are planted the most, attracting many young people who love to take photos.

Note: If photographing fluorescent flowers, you pay close attention and stay away from the tracks, even if no trains are passing by.

May 4 - Hot daytime, cool breeze at night

The highlight of Saigon 4th month is the golden osaka flower, blooming in clusters hanging down like brilliant lanterns, along Hoang Sa, Truong Sa and Dien Bien Phu roads. In April 4, you should visit Reunification Palace and Cu Chi tunnels.

Note: The heat and sudden rain make the umbrella probably a useful "companion" in your luggage.

March 5 - The rainy season begins, the weather is hot and humid

Thunderstorms often appear in the evening with thunder, usually very quickly, rushing down and then stopping immediately, so you can still continue the journey.

You will find joy in Saigon cuisine. It was the feeling of enjoying a hot pot in the cool air of the rain that had just fallen. Some suggested hot pot dishes for you: truss fish hotpot, dangerous chili chicken hotpot, fish hotpot, beef hot pot ...

Note: Sudden pouring rain in hot weather easily makes people sick. Therefore, have flu medicines ready.

Photo: tientiton1807

May 6 - Heavy rain, flooded streets

Rain or shine, when you come to Saigon on this occasion, you should visit the largest fruit festival in Vietnam held in Suoi Tien (District 9) to enjoy tropical specialties such as rambutan, durian, mangosteen ... or visit Nguyen Van Binh Book Street (District 1) to immerse yourself in the Reading Culture Festival (held every 6th month).

Note: On days of heavy rain, you limit movement or avoid Calmette, Co Giang, Ho Hao Hon (District 1), Ky Dong (District 3), Doan Van Bo, Vinh Khanh, Hoang Dieu (District 4), Duong Tu Giang, Tran Hung Dao, Nguyen Bieu, Nguyen Van Cu, Do Ngoc Thach (District 5) ...

March 7 - Rain but still hot

When the rains pour, it is also the time when the lotus lakes in the Saigon coastal area bloom brightly and picturesquely. The most prominent is Tam Da lotus lagoon, District 9, about 20 km from the center of Saigon.

Note: Rain in Saigon is usually concentrated in the afternoon and evening, you should take advantage of visiting outdoor spots in the morning. If you go to the lotus lagoon, early morning is also a good time to take photos when the sun is not too strong.

March 8 - Rain soothes the heat

You spend time enjoying Saigon coffee with all types, from racket coffee, apartment coffee to flat coffee, garden coffee ... Watching the rain fall in the nostalgic skies in Saigon will definitely mark unforgettable memories in your heart.

Note: Besides the rain umbrella, you should still prepare sunscreen, lotion to protect yourself due to the rather erratic weather.

May 9 - Hot and humid, rainy

Saigon on this occasion is bustling with Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere, especially Luong Nhu Hoc lantern street in District 5.

Nghinh Ong Festival in Can Gio is also held on the 14th, 15th, 16th of the 8th lunar month. This is a festival with a long history, associated with the beliefs of fishermen in Can Gio sea with many activities to pray for a good fishing season.

Note: Can Gio is about 50 km from the center, a section that needs to be moved by ferry. If heavy rain or high winds, this ferry route will stop operating to ensure safety.

October - Rainfall gradually decreases but the sun still "does not let go"

From Vietnam History Museum, Ho Chi Minh City Museum to Fine Arts Museum... All will help you have a deeper perspective on this famously vibrant destination.

Note: The museum in Saigon is open most days of the week and usually closes at 17h00, the average ticket price is 30,000 VND / person.

May 11 - Pleasant, cool weather at night

The cool weather at night is the ideal condition for visitors to explore the sleepless city of Saigon, with Bui Vien walking street, Nguyen Hue, watching the Saigon River ...

Note: You should be careful when exploring Saigon at night.

March 12 - Cool, cool

If you like shopping, the shopping centers in the last months of the year are paradise for you with a series of extremely deep discounts. On fashion streets like Nguyen Trai, Le Van Sy, you will see many signs selling off up to 50%, 70% everywhere. You also do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the bustling Christmas atmosphere in churches, neighborhoods or shopping centers.

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