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08 outstanding boutique hotels in Hanoi

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Located in the center of Hanoi, these hotels make all visitors impressed by their design style, prime location, professional service. Bring satisfaction to anyone who comes to Vietnam tourism.

La Siesta Classic Ma May Hotel 

Located in Hanoi's Old Quarter, La Siesta Classic Ma May Hotel offers you a peaceful space to relax amidst the bustling life of the city. If you are a foodie, this hotel is a great destination to explore the typical traditional dishes of the old town. After that, you can explore the vibrant sleepless streets like Ta Hien or Luong Ngoc Quyen or relax with the cool air at the walking street of Sword Lake.

So why not give yourself a short vacation to feel all the beauty of Hanoi? Book your room now at La Siesta Classic Ma May hotel and experience the best of the city.

Address: 94 Ma May, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Hotline: 024 3926 3641

Photo: La Siesta Classic Ma May

La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel &; Spa

Neoclassical architecture revives the feeling of reminiscence of ancient European beauties through the art of visual detailing and focusing on walls and colonnades. It has an irresistible appeal not only because of its class and luxury but also in the superiority hidden behind the unique cultural lines.

With the main colors of luxurious black, blue and white, combined with cornices and columnar architecture, boss lights and art glass paintings with the grace and mystery of Asian architecture such as curtains or ancient bronze mirrors... all create a splendid yet elegant La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel &; Spa in the heart of Hanoi.

Address: 33-35 Hang Dau, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: 096 847 23 88

Photo: La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel &; Spa

JM Marvel Hotel & Spa

Close your eyes and feel the calm in every corner of space at JM Marvel. From fragrant, soothing blankets to relaxing reading corners, vases, cups of tea,... all of them conveyed special feelings and small messages from Team JM.

The small corners at JM Marvel are not only a place to stop, but also a place to experience and feel the spiritual values that we want to share with you. Let JM become a place to store memorable moments in your life.

Address: 16 Hang Da, Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: 024 3823 8855

Photo: JM

Solaria Hotel

Solaria Hanoi Hotel consists of 60 rooms divided into 9 floors including Family Room and Interconnecting Room, perfect for individual or family guests. All our rooms offer the same services, the difference lies in the room size and some additional amenities.

Inspired by traditional Vietnamese materials, a combination of gray and embellished with black, Solaria Hanoi Hotel welcomes guests in a sophisticated and intimate atmosphere. In each room, traditional materials are arranged in different shades and subtly accented by accents of gray, yellow of earth and black of furniture that we meet in a table, a beautiful bathroom... around four atmospheres that simultaneously provide today's amenities."

Address: 22 Bao Khanh, Hoan Kiem District, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: 024 3926 3456

Photo: Solaria Hanoi

The Chi Boutique Hotel

In the middle of peaceful Nha Chung neighborhood, The Chi Boutique Hotel unique and novel design attracts all eyes. Visitors can bathe in the morning sun, enjoy the atmosphere of the autumn weather. From the hotel lobby by the curved wooden bridge, or from the balcony of Deluxe rooms, Suites, visitors can catch the early rays of the sun, sparkling in the green leaves as if playing hide and seek.

The Chi Boutique is proud to be one of the hotels with the most beautiful rooftop bar view of the Old Quarter. Come here to sip cocktails and chat with a group of friends or close colleagues., This is also the time to connect and understand each other better after busy working days!

Address: 13 Nha Chung Street, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: 024 3719 2939

Photo: The Chi Boutique


The name is simple but contains the pride of Vu Le Management when located next to Hoan Kiem Lake, a heroic historical relic of the nation and a symbol of the beloved Hanoi Capital. Therefore, every customer who comes to us can easily discover the characteristics of Hanoi with just a few steps.

The endless inspiration of L'HÔTEL du LAC comes from the paintings of Hang Drum with bold folk breath, existing in every small corner in the unique architectural space. So that each guest when visiting this land can clearly feel a traditional charming Vietnamese feature right at the resort.

Address: 35 Hang Drum, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: 091 295 99 06

Photo: L'HÔTEL du LAC

La Passion Hanoi Hotel & Spa

La Passion has a sophisticated Indochine style combining French Neoclassical architecture and traditional Asian materials. This is a mixture of 2 contrasting cultures but randomly does not create contrasts, on the contrary, opening up a separate and unique art philosophy that creates a particularly impressive interior space.

Family rooms at La Passion are always the first choice of families when visiting Hanoi Capital together because of its spacious, convenient and modern design

While it's normal for each member to have their own space at home, when hanging out with the whole family, try choosing large rooms to spend more time together to create memorable moments of connection.

Address: 26 Hang Barrel, Hang Bac Ward, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: 024 2228 6688

Photo: La Passion

Le Chanvre Hanoi Hotel & Spa

Located in the heart of the bustling Old Quarter, Le Chanvre is the ideal hotel for visitors to easily visit, conveniently explore the famous tourist destinations of Hanoi capital.

Bringing trendy Gothic inspiration to every architectural detail, the lounge area of Le Chanvre Hanoi Hotel will lead you to an impressive high-class space by classic yet luxurious design, while touching the relaxing experience and warm feeling, familiar as home.

Address: 84 - 86 Hang Gai, Hang Gai Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: 024 6668 0086

Photo: Le Chanvre

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