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Exciting 3-day itinerary at Co To pearl island

Co To island district in Van Don district, Quang Ninh province is no stranger to island lovers. Beautiful beaches and poetic scenery have a special attraction. New hotels were opened, more boats, restaurants but the people of Co To still try to preserve the landscape of the island as best as possible. Co To Island is tiny with several roads, but at each turn, there are countless beautiful scenes that make people take time to stop, stroll and admire. At the beginning of Co To town is Uncle Ho beach with a 3 km long beach. Next to it is the green casuarina road, named by young people as the path of Love. The place is very suitable for romantic walks or cycling. Along the road to Hong Van beach, sometimes encounter trams. If traveling in a large group, this means is both convenient and cheap.  Hong Van Beach located 8 km from the town is the most beautiful beach. The sea here is calm, like a clear pond due to the stretch of Qinglan Island blocking the wind from the sea. The shore is fine white sand with extremely clear and blue sea water. There is no seating or drinking water service like other beaches. You are free to choose where you rest. Therefore, this is also a rare beach where guests can pitch tents, spread tarpaulins all day to play.  There is another beautiful and smaller beach located at the end of the island, the deserted Van Chai beach with a curved coastline, fine, clean and pure white sand, waves just big enough to relax. This is the most ideal sunset spot on the whole island.  Many people will choose to go to neighboring Qinglan Island or Co To Con Island for camping because both of these small islands are close to Co To. Qinglan Island is easier to go, only 15 minutes to arrive, there are many boats. This island also has a lot of beautiful, petite beaches, clear blue water and very clean. And Miss Su is more difficult to walk and suitable for adventurous guests. Ms. To con is uninhabited and in the rough sea season it is impossible to go to the island but attractive with a wild nature exploration experience tour. This tour usually organizes overnight bonfire camping here. You can spend a full day visiting this small untouched and footprintless island on a trip organized by young people on the island on weekends.  If counting the most majestic spots of Co To, Cau My rock beach is a point not to be missed when coming to Co To, you should come here to witness the majesty of these cliffs.  If you are looking for an island with enough services, Co To is not the island for you. But if you want to find an island with a peaceful life, simple people, Co To is a place worth going. Live in a homestay with islanders for a few days. In the morning, go to the fish market to buy seafood at the beginning of the wharf. Listen to the sounds of life. Fishing boats have just arrived in the harbor, daily island life begins with fresh catches of fish. Enough squid, crabs, enough clams, oysters ... all have. Then cook simple meals and explore the island together. A slow 24-hour day. It's a time for you to take a break from your pace and enjoy life on your own terms. According to VnTravel

Nature & Adventure 27/05/2022

Exciting 3-day itinerary at Co To pearl island

To get to Co To Island of Quang Ninh province, you are required to take a boat. After more than 1 hour walking in the tranquil bay with blue water and brilliant pink at dawn, Co To Island is in the distance.

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