About Dong Thap

When it comes to Dong Thap, everyone will think of the land famous for its fragrant lotus ponds that have entered Vietnam's immortal poetry collection. People are impressed with this place because of its sweet Lai Vung tangerines and its resplendent flower-gardens in Sa Dec.

When traveling to Dong Thap, you will have a chance to explore the ancient features that remain in historical sites, old houses, temples, and pagodas. Moreover, you will be able to relax in the peaceful countryside, the vast ecotourism area and admire the beauty of the calm waterways, spectacular paddy fields and enjoy the products of the floating season.

Best Time To Visit Dong Thap

Dong Thap is located in a tropical climate, all year round sunny and pleasant, no cold season or typhoon, so you can come to Dong Thap at any time.

The rainy season from May to November is when the water brings about a rich array of goods and lotus in full bloom. The dry season from December to April next year is the occasion when Dong Thap gets decorated with spring flowers. It's also the season when Lai Vung tangerines are getting ready to be harvested.

Dry Season
(Dec - Feb)

Pleasant sunshine

Apricot blossoms show off radiant beauty

Birds chirping and building nests

Here come Tet and Spring!

Dry Season
(Mar - May)


Fruit trees in full bloom

Lai Vung tangerines taste sweet

Rainy Season
(Jun - Aug)

It rains a lot

The flood season comes on the river

Fish and prawns swimming in the fields

Rainy Season
(Sep - Nov)

Water floods the fields

Lotus in the lake show its pink

Countless delicacies

Birds chirping and building nests

Best time to explore the Southwest


You can go to Dong Thap by a wide range of options such as coach, car, and motorcycle. If you are from faraway provinces, you can take a plane or train to Ho Chi Minh City or Can Tho City then move to Dong Thap. The distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Dong Thap is 170km and from Can Tho is 80km.

Explore Dong Thap

Enter Lai Vung Sai pink tangerine garden with branches at the end of the year

Lai Vung is located about 17km from Sa Dec city (Dong Thap) and 180km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. This place has long been likened to the "pink mandarin kingdom" when there are hundreds of hectares of pink mandarin cultivation bearing fruit, concentrated in Long Hau, Tan Phuoc, Tan Thanh, Vinh Quoi and Hoa Long communes. The pink tangerine season is also the coming Tet season. Currently, in Lai Vung there are 6 pink tangerine gardens open to welcome guests: - Ba Lien mandarin garden, Long Hung 1 hamlet, Long Hau commune – area 2.3 ha - Ut Hon mandarin garden, Long Hung 2 hamlet, Long Hau commune – area 0.4 ha - Lan Anh mandarin garden, Long Thanh market, Long Hau commune – area 0.5 ha - Hai Kiet tangerine garden, Thong Dong market, Long Hau commune – area 0.6 ha - Hong Danh Mandarin Garden, Tan Loi hamlet, Tan Thanh commune – area 0.43 ha - Hung Phat Mandarin Garden, Tan Thanh hamlet, Hoa Thanh commune – area of 1.7 ha Located on the Hau River accreted by alluvium, fertile soil, favorable climate, pink mandarins in Lai Vung are very lush, thin-skinned, more delicious than other regions. At the beginning of the 11th lunar month of every year, mandarins begin to color but have not yet reached sugariness. Closer to the middle of December, the fruit turns a beautiful yellow-orange color, sweeter, more fragrant, can be harvested. A blue sky appeared before my eyes with about 1,500 tangerine trees. Thousands of large, evenly ripened, juicy mandarins are on the branches, making it difficult for visitors like me to take their eyes off. Pink tangerines have the peculiarity of beautiful spherical fruits, smooth and thin skin. When ripe, it has a sweet, slightly sour taste, lots of juice, and the juice is yellow-orange. Around December 25, tangerines will be harvested. Therefore, visitors should visit early to admire the most impressive tangerine season. During the visit, visitors are not allowed to arbitrarily pick tangerines. Visitors can contact the garden staff to buy tangerines at a grade I price of about 50,000 VND/kg (1kg about 4.5 fruits). The huts are where visitors can rest, enjoy pink tangerine juice or eat lunch. Visitors to the pink mandarin gardens in Lai Vung can wear ba shirts to immerse themselves in the impressive garden space of the West. Entrance tickets are usually 50,000 VND / adult and 30,000 VND / child from 5-12 years old. On weekends, the tangerine orchards in Lai Vung can welcome hundreds of visitors. According to VNN Photo: Vinh Bear and many authors

Nature & Adventure 07/12/2023

Enter Lai Vung Sai pink tangerine garden with branches at the end of the year

In the days leading up to Lunar New Year 2022, walking along inter-district and commune roads in Lai Vung (Dong Thap), visitors are easily attracted by the brilliant, fresh yellow-orange color of the fruitful pink mandarin orchards.

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