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Ca Mau is known as the Southernmost point of the S-shaped strip of Vietnam and is always the sacred cape in the perception of every Vietnamese. Ca Mau exudes a poetic and lyrical, peaceful and rustic beauty that captivates your heart. Once you pay a visit here, you will be nostalgic forever.
At Ca Mau, you should go to the national landmark, explore mangrove ecosystems, discover the unique U Minh Ha forest, contemplate the Khai Long beach and admire the twilight in the vast river.


The weather in Ca Mau is sunny but not too hot. It is quite fresh and cool due to the wind blowing from the sea all year round.

It is the dry season from December to April in Ca Mau and the ecosystem is extremely unique. This time is suitable for you to explore its romantic scenery as well as take part in many interesting activities such as fishing and fielding.


The journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Ca Mau is very long, taking about 7 - 8 hours by car. During the trip, you should take a nap to ensure your health and sanity.

If you are traveling by air, thorough preparation should be made to avoid being fully booked since there is only one flight per day from HCMC to Ca Mau. For those who are far away, like from Hanoi or Danang, you should fly to Ho Chi Minh City first, then choose a vehicle to go to Ca Mau.


Top things to do in Ca Mau
1. Visit Thien Hau Majesty Pagoda, Monivongsa Bopharam Pagoda
2. Explore the U Minh Ha forest and Nam Can mangrove forest
3. Sightseeing in Ca Mau Cape Ecotourism Site
4. Discover Khoai Island and Da Bac Island
5. Go shopping on Ca Mau floating market
6. Enjoy the flavoured cake at Southern Folk Cake Festival
7. Pick ripe fruits in Cai Tau garden
8. Catch seafood in Khai Long Beach
9. Relax in Ngoc Hien Sanctuary


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7 must-try delicacies when traveling to Ca Mau

U Minh fish sauce hotpot:  Hot pot fish sauce is one of the indispensable folk dishes of Southern people. The main ingredients to make a delicious fish sauce hotpot are fish sauce and many types of fish and vegetables only found in the land of U Minh. The main ingredient of U Minh fish sauce hotpot is choke fish combined with as many types of meat or fish as you like. U Minh Ca Mau fish sauce hotpot is eaten with vegetables found in the West such as water lilies, longan cage, coriander, braised cilantro, broccoli, spinach, coriander, dragon beans, trusses, bitter vegetables, crab claws, cotton so chopsticks, tomatoes, banana corn, dangerous peppers, garlic. Particularly, it is a forest vegetable that is most abundant only in U Minh melaleuca forest. To make the fish sauce hotpot delicious, eaters can add okra, straw mushrooms when the hot pot is just boiling, with fresh copper fish such as perch, chokes, thick fish, snakehead or eel. Gradually, U Minh fish sauce hotpot has become a famous delicious dish of Ca Mau land.  Three Original Incisions:  In addition to the natural landscapes of wild beauty, surely those who come to Rach Goc will also enjoy the three-faceted dish that has long become a specialty of this locality. The three notches of Rach Gou have been branded since ancient times because only this locality is really delicious and attractive. Around the 7th and 8th months of the lunar calendar every year is in the three-notch season. This three-notch eats the fallen black fish sauce, so it has vermilion tiles, fragrant flesh and firmer than the three-notch in other regions. The three notches are prepared by boiling lemongrass served together with a dipping sauce. The dipping sauce is prepared very simply but no less specially, including finely chopped lemongrass, mixed with batch rice, adding a little chili to create a spicy taste and then adding a little spice to taste. With this way of eating, the meat of the three notches is very sweet, fragrant due to the spicy taste of chili, lemongrass and a little sour, strong of batch rice. Three facets boiled with dipping sauce will be an unforgettable dish for visitors from all directions. Grilled jar dipped in salt and pepper:  Although Ca Mau is now very rare, because it has become a rare dish and always has a very special flavor that makes diners remember forever. To prepare deliciously, you must choose the type of jar, wash, drain. Seasoning includes: salt, pepper, lemon, add MSG, cruciferous vegetables. The brazier burns evenly and starts grilling, which can roast several at once. When the mouth is open, it is just ripe, it is very sweet, if left for a long time, it will be overcooked, dry water, tough meat, very pale taste. Bee pupae salad:  About Ca Mau, but in the U Minh forest area, visitors will definitely hear about bee pupa salad classified as the "first" typical dish here. U Minh bee pupae are numerous, fleshy and greasy. People after guarding the rafters to collect honey often bring a part or two of wax full of bee pupa. Take bee pupa nests dipped in boiling water, filter clean bee pupa, and you can prepare dozens of delicious dishes such as bee pupae porridge, fried bee pupa, bee pupae mixed with salad ... In particular, bee pupae mixed with salad are preferred by many people because they can fully retain the delicious taste of bee pupae and combine with many aromas of vegetables. Tub  which is a weed, growing abundantly on the edge of lagoons, ponds and lakes but is a specialty of the western provinces, especially Ca Mau. The tub is processed like vegetables into many different dishes, including seafood salad, pickles. The core of the tub is white, the young buds are soft, crispy and sweet, often bought by tourists as gifts when coming to Ca Mau and Bac Lieu regions. Ca Mau crab  Famous for its delicious, firm meat due to being favored by nature with mangrove ecosystem, rich food sources. Gourmets often buy crabs caught in the wild because the meat is much tastier and sweeter than farmed crabs. Natural crabs usually have a firm, dark shell, not white or clear blue. Many shops process crab into many different dishes, from simple such as boiling, steaming, charcoal grilling to more sophisticated such as roasted tamarind, hot pot, crab soup cake ... Mudfish  looks quite peculiar but is a specialty of the land of Mui Ca Mau. This fish lives in swampy areas, can both swim underwater and move on land, can even cling to the trunks of mangroves and tiger trees. The fish meat is firm, tasty and not fishy. The fish is usually grilled with salt and chili, deep-fried or cooked in sour soup, soy sauce. Synthesise Photo: Multiple authors

Food & Drink 07/09/2022

7 must-try delicacies when traveling to Ca Mau

Mui Ca Mau is not only the last land on the map of Vietnam, but also the land of many delicious dishes that captivate diners from all over the world.

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