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Xóm Mu, xã Tự Do, huyện Lạc Sơn, Tỉnh Hòa Bình
Tháng 5 - tháng 9
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"Mu Falls captivates you by the magnificent natural beauty from the clear, cool water that pours down the ledge into each floor. At the foot of Mu Falls is a small lake, with a walkway to each level of the waterfall. The deepest part of the bottom of the falls is only about 2m so it is not too dangerous for you. One of the highlights of Mu Falls is the foot of the waterfall with a height of more than 100m after many years due to the water flowing down has created a green water like a fairly wide natural swimming pool. This place is attracting more and more tourists at home and abroad. "
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Very beautiful, I took many beautiful pictures and will share with friends. I really like this place and will come back next time.

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A very lovely place to come. Will come back if there is a chance. Love this place

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Xom Mu, xa Tu Do, huyen Lac Son, Tinh Hoa Binh
Thang 5 - thang 9

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