Hieu Waterfall

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Co Lung, Ba Thuoc, Thanh Hoa
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Hieu Waterfall stands out as one of Pu Luong's most enchanting waterfalls, gracing the landscape with its untouched beauty. Stretching approximately 800 meters in length, the waterfall's stream descends from the mountaintop, bifurcating into two distinct branches that wind their way in divergent directions before merging once again at the stream's end. Locals here affirm that this waterfall flows ceaselessly year-round, serving as a constant water source for both household use and the irrigation needs of the community and its surroundings. Notably, the waterfall's crystal-clear waters remain unburdened by mud or moss. Originating from the grand limestone mountains of the Pu Luong - Cuc Phuong limestone habitat, Hieu Waterfall embodies a remarkable example of the globally significant Karst ecosystem. It stands as the sole remaining lowland area with a limestone mountain habitat forest in Northern Vietnam. The water that courses through this stream carries a wealth of limestone deposits, leading to calcifications along the stream's bed and banks, a phenomenon that has contributed to the petrification of trees and objects. Nestled at the base of the waterfall is a delightful swimming area with water depths exceeding 1 meter, providing a space for visitors to frolic and swim at their leisure. Along the Hieu stream, stilt houses and spacious huts dot the landscape, offering a comfortable respite for travelers to rest and rejuvenate amidst nature's embrace.
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Một chút bên ngoài Hu, chùa này phải có trong danh sách của bạn trong Hu. Vị trí đẹp. Vì nó bên ngoài Gu, bạn đã thắng gặp nhiều người, phù thủy yên tĩnh thú vị ở Hu?

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20 Reviews

I could feel the peace viscerally. Very beautiful place.

We were disappointed not to see any monks or meet anyone who could tell us more than the paragraph in our guidebook. I would still recommend for the beauty and location.

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Co Lung, Ba Thuoc, Thanh Hoa