Da Ban Stream

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Cua Duong, Phu Quoc
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Da Ban stream originates in the Ham Ninh range, in Cua Duong commune, about 8 km from Duong Dong town. The stream is named Table Rock because there are many large colorful rocks, flat as tabletops due to the erosion process of water. People also tell each other about the story of fairies bathing in Da Ban stream every time they descend. Ticket to visit Da Ban stream is 50,000 VND/person. The stream has a gentle slope, associated with the pristine scenery of Phu Quoc natural forest. Here visitors can take a cool bath, have a light meal with food and water to bring, or follow the large rocks to go upstream to admire the different scenery. The right time to visit Da Ban stream is from 5 to 11 months every year.
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Nước suối trong veo, mát lạnh, rác nhiều! Không khí mát mẻ! Thix hợp đi chơi cùng nhóm bạn bè! Nhớ dọn rác khi party ở đây nha!

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As we stay for seven days at the hotel next door, I take walks by the river nearly every morning. It s a place of great beauty. It s the rainy season, and the roar of the white waters is spectacular. The walking path runs for quite a distance, is mostly more than a metre wide, narrowing in parts and branching off to the water s edge, and, sadly, is strewn with trash discarded by picnickers. In fact, at some places where they congregate, the air is putrid from rotting food, and the plastic containers and wrappers are breeding ground for mosquitoes. (I believe the mosquito nuisance and hazard can be considerably reduced if littering stops.) On several mornings, I have collected 10kg of trash.

A kiosk provides refreshment and hires out a sound system which I imagine is used by holiday makers for karaoke.

Beside the resort, a restaurant hires out picnicking spaces for VND100,000. The owners keep the space clean although they can set an example or admonish customers to bring home their trash. I notice that at the furthest waterfall upstream (with a sign in Vietnamese saying Start of Waterfall), a concrete rubbish bin is provided, which is filled to the brim. (It s usually not a good practice to provide bins.)

According to Google Map, the walking trail runs for about 2.5km, but it s more likely that the undergrowth has covered the path after 1km. That s a pity, as this is a really beautiful part of the forest - and so accessible - to explore.

Minus the sight of rubbish, and with a longer walking trail, I will rate this attraction six stars!

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