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Vietnam through the window of the North-South train

Translated by Bing
Riding the train is a fun way to experience the diverse and rich culture throughout Vietnam.

On the train ride from Saigon to Hanoi, I wanted to illustrate this diversity with the Reunification Train "through the window" photo project. The North-South Unity Train is a journey through history and time.

The history of Vietnamese railways is closely linked with the period of French colonial rule. The Hanoi–Saigon Route (originally Transindochinese — Trans-Indochina) was built by the French government in 1936 to provide a link with southern China. Although heavily damaged during the Indochina War and split in two in 1954, this historic railway rose from the ashes after 1975.

Seen as an important development tool of the country, the Hanoi–Saigon route quickly became a symbol of Vietnam's unity and development. The country has broken out of its painful past to turn a new page: a time full of vitality, paradox, and secrecy, which a long journey on the railroad can reveal to travelers with enough patience and curiosity.

The journey of scenery gliding through the window brings many surprises. Sometimes outside the window is a thousand ripe rice, when it is a long coastline full of deep blue. Sometimes the train passes through fruit-laden orchards, mossy cliffs, and stops  at the lonely station . In particular, the route through Lang Co - Hai Van pass is considered the most beautiful railway in Vietnam, because this is the most unique route when one side leans on the towering mountains, the other side faces the deep blue sea.

Are you ready to depart? And please don't forget, "what matters is the journey, not the destination."

Photo by: Adrien Jean

According to saigoneer

Image source: Multiple authors
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