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Experience at Banyan Tree Lăng Cô

Translated by Bing
Banyan Tree is a high-class resort, extremely luxurious with 66 villas, with an area of 124-260m2, swimming pool and private butler overlooking the sea or canal.

I have long wished to have the opportunity to experience at Banyan Tree Lăng Cô but it was a bit difficult. This resort costs about 14 million/villa/night and is one of the few resorts in Vietnam that only has villas, all with private swimming pools.

Therefore, when there was a huge promotion, we did not miss this opportunity. The delegation arrived in Hue in mid-4th month, the weather was cool, little rain. It's warm enough to swim, but the sun isn't too harsh for you to shy away from the resort exploration room.

Bayan Tree is located in Chan May Bay, connecting Lang Co Bay with pristine coastline with rainforest and craggy mountain ranges. Resort is the most luxurious brand managed by Banyan Tree Hotels & Resort Group. You can go to Hue or Da Nang airports, but you should choose to go to Da Nang airport to be supported by the resort with free airport pick-up service.

The strong impression of this place is probably the extremely large, spacious space and many utilities. Three complexes including Banyan Tree Lăng Cô Resort, Angsana Lăng Cô and Laguna Golf Lăng Cô have formed a 280-hectare green, luxurious and extremely classy complex, meeting many needs of customers.

Bayan Tree has 3 types of rooms: Lagoon view villas are arranged along green canals, across the canal are sea view villas. All have 1 bedroom, same area, only different direction, especially the sea view villa has 1 more jacuzzi next to the pool. Also mountain villas type 1,2 and 3 sleeper, private swimming pool.

The resort is located in the complex, so there are many advantages, you can go to Angsana to swim because this side has a very large and beautiful common pool. You can also pick up your bike here to return to Banyan Tree. The two resorts come with lots of bikes of different sizes so you are free to explore the vast complex that you can hardly learn all by walking like many other places. Cycling in the early morning when the new dawn shines on the purple reeds is an unforgettable experience...

After walking by bike, we continued to choose to kayak along the canal in the resort. The water is extremely calm, along both sides of the canal are countless flowers, leaves, grass, with the beautiful villas of Banyan Tree nestled under the fragrant jade trees. In summer, you should paddle in the early morning and the late afternoon will be cooler. For those who do not like to exercise, a boat trip along the canal is also very interesting.

You can walk along the canal path full of flowers and grass by the green roadside, listening to the birds singing early in the morning before climbing up the mountain to watch the sunrise. Walk and see the luxurious and modern villas in the mountains in the early morning, breathe in the fresh air deeply as if to hold on and bring it home. Feel the tranquility, freshness and salty smell of the sea, relax and catch the morning light shining through the clouds shining on the deep blue sea, time seems to stop.

You can play archery, billiards, curling or water sports. Some subjects will be charged.. As for Golf at the standard 18-hole 71-stroke Languna Lăng Cô course, which offers stunning beach views and majestic mountain views from behind, you need to book early, right at the time of booking.

The sea here in April is quite strong, the waves rise and then flood the shore, making a coward like me always dare to play wave jumping. Although it was a bit rough and shaky with a few raindrops, the extremely attractive waves out there made us have an afternoon "playing" with the wonderful waves.

The author at the BBQ table before leaving the resort

Four restaurants with 4 unique culinary styles so that people can freely choose according to their favorite flavors such as: Vietnamese food (The water court), Italian and Mediterranean food (Azura), Thai food (Saffaron) and fresh drinks (Thu Quan). You can choose to enjoy a romantic meal on the beach for 2 people.

Our group decided to choose a BBQ for dinner before parting at the beachfront villa. The two staff arranged the tables and chairs, prepared the food and everything perfectly so that we could just bake, enjoy the food, drinks and have fun together. A party is served quickly, thoughtfully, luxuriously, with 5-star standards.

After dinner, we went for a walk on the beach with our feet tufted on the sand, sat down to review memories of previous trips and planned our upcoming trips. Not back yet, but we were looking forward to returning to this place by self-driving car so that we could wander around the corners around here as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery on the road. The combination of ancient and modern, between wild and lavish creates a Bayan Tree that is very different and completely new compared to other resorts you have ever visited. Experience it with all your senses and relax completely if you have the opportunity to stay at this place.

Banyan Tree Lăng Cô Resort Hue

Address: Loc Vinh Commune, Phu Loc District, Lang Co Hue, Vietnam

Price range: From 14 million VND/Villa/Night



No. 09 in the top 30 resorts in Asia, voted by Condé Nast Traveler magazine

No. 03 in the top 10 Hotels & Resorts in Vietnam, voted by DestinAsian magazine

Best of the best, voted by TripAdvisor

Best Luxury Golf Resort by World Luxury Hotel Awards

Photo: Banyan Tree Lăng Cô

Image source: Multiple authors
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