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TOP 5 famous hot pot dishes in the West in the floating water season

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Let Migo introduce you to the top 5 famous Western hot pot dishes worth trying once in your life!

The West of the river is famous for its rustic dishes, bold homeland. Although ingredients are available, easy to find, thanks to creativity and unique processing, the dishes become extremely unique and unique. Referring to the cuisine here, it is definitely impossible to ignore the most authentic Western hot pots.

Hot pot with bitter vegetable sauce

Opening the list is the famous hot pot fish sauce in the river region. It can be said that broth is the soul of this hot pot. The standard fish sauce hotpot will have an irresistible attractive scent, a rich aftertaste cooked from Southwest specialty fish sauces including: spirit fish paste, fish sauce and tron sauce. To have a completely delicious fish sauce hotpot, it is necessary to eat with typical vegetables such as bitter vegetables, crazy cotton, water lily. Also comes with a delicious hot pot, there are fresh noodles, seafood, eggplant...

Source: vinpearl.com

Crazy Fir Fish Hotpot

If you want to enjoy the delicious spirit fish hotpot, you have to wait for the West to enter the floating water season from 9 to 11 months. This is the time when spirit fish appear freshest, also when crazy cotton blooms throughout the riverside. Every waking season, the perfect combination of spirit fish and crazy cotton has produced a delicious hot pot dish. After being cleaned, the spirit fish will be seasoned evenly. The soup is a blend of coconut water, a little sour tamarind to enhance the flavor of the dish. You can add coriander, garlic to make the hot pot smell more. Wait until the soup is really boiling before adding the spirit fish and crazy cotton to keep the freshest flavor.

Source: mokimart.vn, Hang Duong Quan

Bronze crab hotpot

To make the perfect copper crab hot pot, it is necessary to choose the freshest, thick crabs. The crab will be removed from the bibs, removed from the shell, pounded the meat, seasoned to taste rich and then cooked in boiling water. After being boiled, crab meat will be combined into large pieces, the delicious aroma and characteristic sweetness of copper crab will create an unforgettable impressive aftertaste. Vegetables served with copper crab hotpot are very diverse such as vegetables, moose, centella asiatica ...

Duck hot pot cooked colander

Duck cooked colander is a very popular dish in the Southwest. Hot pot is best served with fresh vermicelli, taro, green cabbage, spinach. Duck meat is cooked softly, plus the characteristic fatty and delicious taste of colander creates a rich and unique taste. In addition, the sweetness from coconut milk, mushrooms and lotus root will leave a sweet, attractive taste.

The duck hot pot cooked in colander will be more complete and flavorful when the whole family gathers, gathering around the smoky hot pot.

Source: tripzone.vn

Truss fish hotpot

The popular live truss fish in the Southwest is concentrated mainly in the provinces, Soc Trang, Ca Mau ... Truss fish has high nutritional value, processing a variety of unique and attractive dishes such as braised stock, grilled salt and chili ,... However, truss fish hotpot is still the most familiar and favorite dish. The soup will have enough sour, spicy, sweet taste from truss fish, perfectly combined with copper vegetables such as spinach, banana corn, pinch vegetables,.. Don't forget a cup of rich chili fish sauce served to dip the fish. On a cold rainy day, a delicious pot of truss fish will be a great choice!

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