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Feast on authentic Mexican food at Rico Taco

Translated by Bing
7 p.m., on an empty stomach, outside in the rain, a time that couldn't be more appropriate to enjoy Mexican food. "Rico Taco?" we said in unison.

Eye-catching colors of Rico Taco

Rico Taco is located prominently on Ngo Thoi Nhiem street with shimmering, colorful decoration, charcoal purple walls and glass shards from wine bottles recycled into decorative items. Stylized, colorful, pink, red, orange, yellow wooden tables and chairs,... Sombrero hats are prepared in a corner of the restaurant, for everyone wishing to become a Mexican "subject" during their short time here. Visiting the restaurant are mostly foreigners, perhaps they like the feeling of getting lost in a beach festival in Mexico, chatting and enjoying delicious food.

On Wednesdays, the restaurant was not too crowded, so we were free to choose our seats. And one of the criteria for us to decide to sit down was not to choose a quiet corner, or a table separate from everyone, but a "tablecloth".

A few corners of the shop

There's no better feeling than having a meal in a sparkling space with your best friend with the food you both love. After many attempts at Mexican food throughout Saigon, I can understand why Rico Taco is so popular with foreign diners.

The dishes served here are not influenced by regional culture. You can understand simply, for Vietnamese people, how much we like to taste rich spices, for dishes here, "original". Why "as is"? Simply, they use as few food additives as possible, fresh ingredients are completely made from nature, the recipe is simple but gives diners unforgettable taste.

We ordered ourselves two dishes, one Nachos De Carne, one Fajitas De Pollo. Don't feel less and think you won't satisfy your hungry stomach. They provide all the necessary nutritional values of an adult meal!

The Great Food of Rico Taco

The dish has a long history, a crispy cornstarch tortilla with melted and grated Cheddar cheese topped with Jalapeno peppers, Salsa sauce, sour cream and cilantro, bringing out the signature flavors of the legendary Cheese Nachos of the 1940s.

Served with Fajitas De Pollo are flattened circular Tortillas grilled on a pan, served sizzling hot. Tortillas would not be palatable and appetizing without Quesadillas and Empanadas. It is a mixture of mushrooms, pumpkin flowers, peppers, ground pork peppers and burnt cornmeal. Onions, bell peppers and grilled chicken are delicately prepared. Not too fussy in the decoration but definitely a dish not to be missed when coming here.

Mexican food is quite picky to eat, but I think, it should not be so that you should ignore a unique eatery from design to taste like this. Try once with friends, or family and enjoy authentic Mexican food and immerse yourself in the Mexican festival atmosphere.

The shop has now moved to a new house on Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1.

Address: 97 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1, HCMC

Hotline: 028 3825 1676

Open hours: 11:00 – 22:00


Article: My Dieu

Image source: Multiple authors
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