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Seasonal menu at Yuzu Omakase Saigon

Translated by Bing
Located in the 'emerging' food court on the corner of Li Tu Trong and Valedictorian Huan streets, Yuzu Omakase has a "humble" and "discreet" appearance. But it is a familiar destination of Saigon's elite.

At Yuzu, lighting not only plays an important role in shaping the space, but also has the task of turning the kitchen into a big stage. A stage showcasing sumptuous but equally sophisticated Japanese cuisine.

Interesting Sosaku cuisine

Not only focusing on the freshness of ingredients like traditional omakase, Yuzu pursues a creative sosaku culinary style with a super satisfying presentation. However, this is by no means impromptu ostentation. Yuzu Omakase's menu development process was a process that required a lot of investment and research. The order before – after of the dishes makes the overall meal more harmoniously connected, while contributing to enhancing the flavor of each dish.  

Winter quintessence from the Ocean

Most recently, Yuzu Omakase developed a new winter menu. Still with three menu options but will be the freshest foods of winter. Especially, when winter fish are often said to be fatter and have a rich flavor.  

Two of the rare ingredients are Tarabagani crab and Kinki fish. Dubbed the "king of delicacies" in Japan, Tarabagani crab is one of the most expensive seafood in the world due to its scarce quantity and extremely difficult fishing process. The most delicious crab meat is from 11 to 3 months. Particularly, Kinki fish often live in the deep sea of Hokkaido island and cost up to millions of VND / fish. 

In particular, truffle, beluga sturgeon roe or the sprawling aroma of yuzu fruit will be the catalyst throughout full of stimulation. 

What to expect from Yuzu 

It is the "multi-sensory" experience. As with this menu, in addition to the food, the small touches at the restaurant as the decoration also help us somewhat feel the shape of winter. 

We are not surprised that the restaurant team recommends "The One" menu for those who are passionate about luxury experiences. Because for the price of 10 million VND, but surely Yuzu Omakase will bring you things that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Address: 34 Thu Khoa Huan, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Open from 18:00 to 22:00 daily.

Phone: 093 631 55 67

Fb: Yuzu Omakase ゆずお任せ Vietnam.

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Photo: Facebook Yuzu

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