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Special menu for banquet 8/3 at high-class restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City HCM

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If you do not want to be crowded in a crowded place, you can take your loved one to restaurants to enjoy a light dinner together.

Olive Shop

Address: Cach Mang Thang Tam, District 3

Opening hours: 17-22h30

Price: 1.8 million VND/2 pax

The restaurant has a Southern Italian breath. The entire guest service area is an open space with a delicately designed portable roof. The highlight is the view of the garden with many trees, night to twinkling lights like the garden of Eden light. The indoor area is for the kitchen and toilet area. The ideal location for the couple because of the romantic setting, the light from the candle increases privacy.

The menu for 8/3 features dishes such as Japanese orange fish, Italian shrimp and anise wonton noodles, dragonfly roe, salted pork, Hokkaido scallops, oven-baked goat cheese, salted Hokubee beef... The party ended with panna cotta made from Dalat mulberry fruit (Lam Dong).

Most diners have experienced satisfaction with the space. However, the quality of food and service has not been appreciated.

Photo: Olive Quan

ROS - Yacht Club

Address: Ton Duc Thang, District 1

Opening hours: 8-23h30

Price: From 1.8 million VND/pax

The restaurant owns a luxurious and cozy space. From here, you have the opportunity to see water buses, cruises or romantic night scenes. A suitable place for meetings, dates, marriage proposals ... The atmosphere is pleasant, different and separate from the urban noise. It includes seating areas, cold rooms and even outdoors. Tables and chairs are arranged quite far from each other, ensuring privacy.

Fusion-style cuisine, high price. 8/3 this year, the restaurant launched a Glamorous food set. The International Women's Day feast features cold king crab meat, charcoal-grilled American scallops, salads, crayfish eggs, slow-cooked Japanese kinmedai, charcoal-grilled Wagyu beef tenderloin, grilled mushrooms and mousse. The service is polite, but sometimes the staff is quite far away, so it is not convenient to call when needed.

Photo: ROS - Yacht Club

QUI - Cuisine Mixology

Address: Le Thanh Ton, District 1

Opening time: 17h30-2h

Price: From 1.6 million VND/pax

The venue is designed in the model of dining lounge, trendy and energetic. The space has the mysterious beauty of Eastern art combined with modern Western equipment. The atmosphere is suitable for those who like the bustle.

The Women's day dinner menu was created to provide a luxurious and elegant dinner experience for diners.

You have the opportunity to enjoy Wagyu beef noodle soup, pan-fried Carabineros red shrimp, spinach flat spaghetti, miso-marinated Atlantic cod, grilled New Zealand lamb chops, orange-flavored grape safflower cream. The menu is served from 18h30 to 21h30.

In terms of service quality, many diners believe that there is a lack of professionalism.

Photo: QUI - Cuisine Mixology

Jade Palace

Address: Doan Nhu Hai, District 4

Opening hours: 7-22h30

Price: From 883,000 VND/2 pax

The restaurant has Chinese style, contemporary design, airy and luxurious. The space has a harmony of red, white and jade green combined with meticulously sculpted and carved patterns. The light system is cozy yellow, large dome windows ... It's all like an art gallery.

The dedicated menu on March 8 includes 3-course appetizers, scallop soup, spinach crab meat, Bich Ngoc seafood fried rice or Sichuan mandarin beef hotpot and nursing tea.

Location of 2-fronted restaurant, convenient for cars, shuttle taxis.

Photo: Jade Palace

XP Infinity

Address: B4 Street, Thu Duc City

Opening time: 14-22h30

Price: From 1.4 million VND/pax

The restaurant is designed in European style, minimalist decoration, main black color. The highlight is the lights on the ceiling and melodious music that adds romance to the atmosphere. However, the space has a limited capacity, suitable for couples, smaller groups than large groups.

The dishes here have a harmonious combination of ingredients, traditional cooking methods and modern cooking techniques.

With the message "Listen to the woman next to you", the restaurant launches a special set menu consisting of pan-fried scallops with saffron sauce, lotus seed artichoke soup with Iberico pork cheeks, mashed barbs with potatoes stuffed with bell peppers with tomato sauce, veal Sous vide with black garlic sauce and dessert rose mousse.

Photo: XP Infinity

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