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Enjoy autumn in a café located on the highest mountain in Sapa

Translated by Bing
May 8 is about to pass, Tus De Liab is catching the first cold breeze and the fog spreading the way. This is a great time to fully enjoy your stay in Sapa with Twilight by the Valley show and Chasing the Sunset dinner.

Possessing an enchanting scenery with the best view in Sapa, Tus De Liab is now even more poetic in the cool weather with every gentle breeze marking the upcoming autumn. This place has become an ideal destination for couples who want to spend a sweet time together watching the sunshine across the valley and enjoying the floating sea of clouds for a more magical day.

Visitors move along the ridge, there are concrete roads that are quite easy to walk. The view of the shop covers the mountains and the sea of clouds in front of it, with a 360-degree view of Muong Hoa valley. Seating is mainly outdoors, taking advantage of the natural setting. The design of the shop is simple with umbrella chairs, small wooden tables. Guests sit in an arc, facing the circular stage, bright to watch the sunrise, in the afternoon waiting for sunset.

As a Restaurant of Ville De Mont Mountain Resort, Tus De Liab Restaurant & Coffee attracts guests by its special location, the highest in Sapa. The small restaurant is nestled on the southern slope of Ham Rong Mountain, overlooking the majestic Muong Hoa valley with seasonal terraces that were voted Top 10 most beautiful terraces in the world.

The minimalism of the interior helps diners focus on experiences with nature. However, this place is only suitable on nice days, neither too hot nor too cold or heavy rain. The shop has prepared hot wood fireplaces for guests, but in Sapa in winter, many people tend to go to indoor cafes, with cozy space.

What's better than enjoying the special set menu of Tus De Liab - Coffee 1600 loves croissant in a morning filled with clouds by the valley. The buttermilky croissant and anise cinnamon-scented cappuccino combine perfectly together to create a flavor that will keep you forever. Tear the small piece of cake drenched in a cup of cappuccino to allow the aroma of aromatic coffee to penetrate into each layer. Taking a sip of the hot cappuccino, the residual greasy taste of the thousand-layer croissant will drown out the bitterness of the roasted coffee leaving an irresistibly delicious aftertaste. The majestic scenery of the Hoang Lien Son range appearing in front of your eyes makes the morning coffee experience at Tus De Liab even better.

As the sunshine begins to soften and the sky turns color, each candle is lit to welcome diners to enjoy Chasing the Sunset dinner at Sapa's highest Tus De Liab restaurant. In the mesmerizing space of the afternoon light and the breeze gently touching the cool skin, diners will have to rub the taste of each dish in the special menu carefully selected by the chef.

The Twilight by the Valley show at Tus De Liab always wows guests when witnessing the miraculous changes of the weather. When the sunshine at the end of the day dyed the stage yellow, suddenly dark clouds rushed to drop a few raindrops. But rest assured because the umbrellas will be placed behind each of your chairs, ready for you to use when needed.

Tus De Liab - A place to capture vivid footage of your own experiences.

Address: Group 7, Sapa Ward, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Phone: 093 223 11 99


Spy Huang

Photo by: Tus De Liab

Image source: Multiple authors
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