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Tortoise House Mountain Hamlet Sapa – Peace among the mountains and hills of Linh Ho village

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If you are looking for a homestay that is close enough to connect to Sapa town, and far enough to keep the tranquility, then Turtle House Mountain Hamlet is the choice you cannot miss for your trip to Sapa.

4km from Sapa town , Tortoise House Mountain Hamlet keeps absolute tranquility, no sound of construction, no noise, only the sound of children calling each other, the voice of living activities of compatriots' families. Located on the top of the mountain, Turtle has a 360-degree view of the valley of four-season terraced fields, next to the house there is a gurgling flower spring. From the bungalow of Turtle House Mountain Hamlet, walk 5 minutes to the flea market of ethnic relatives.

Turtle House Mountain Hamlet, located in the middle of a small hamlet, everything is wooden, small pretty, hidden in the grass. The Turtle House is clad in pine wood, roofed with palm roof. From tables and chairs, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes to clothes hangers,.. Everything is wood. A total of 16 rooms of all types, suitable for about 40 guests at the same time.

San Reception House (Shared House)

Reception stilt house area with original design of Northwest ethnic people, including 3 floors: TThe 1st floor is the Reception area (common space), the 2nd floor is the Valley Family room, the Mountain Couple room, the 3rd floor is the Attic room.

Valley Family Room (2F) with 2 rooms, 4 adjacent beds, shared bathroom with shower on the 1st floor. Mountain Couple room is located on the 2nd floor, self-contained bathroom with shower.

Bungalow (Original separate unit)

Nest Room is located on the 1st floor of the bungalow, has a total of 2 rooms with a fairly large area of only 12m, including 1 double mattress for 2 people and access to a shared bathroom and common space on the 1st floor.

Attic Room is located on the 2nd floor, with a total of 4 rooms, an area of 12m, using a bathroom and common space on the 1st floor like the Nest Room.

Mushroom room

This is probably the most special thing at Turtle House Sapa, with a design similar to mushrooms growing from the ground, there are a total of 5 units with a unique red color, looking like Mongolian tents in the vast steppe area. The Mushroom House has an area of 12m, 1 double cushion, view overlooking the valley or garden, and sharing a bathroom in the Wooden House.

Khu Wooden Bungalow

There is only 1 bungalow, with 1 living room, 1 bedroom and a closed bathroom, total area of 25m. In particular, the bungalow has a beautiful small balcony with panoramic view.

Unique experiences at Turtle House

At Turtle House Sapa, perhaps the most attractive thing is the privacy and peace. Turtles are like a special place for confused souls, or want to immerse themselves in majestic nature or explore the life of indigenous people in Sapa. Interesting activities at Turtle that you should experience when coming here:

– Play with local children

- Foot bank and bath of Red Dao ethnic medicinal leaves

– Outdoor BBQ

– Roast corn by the fire

– Sit chill on the porch

– Trekking Italian Soul Lake, Flower Stream

– Learn Batik drawing, indigo dyeing, reading, meditation, yoga...

– Sip afternoon tea watching Muong Hoa valley.

More information

Address: Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai, Sa Pa, Vietnam

Phone: 093 445 11 77

Website: https://www.facebook.com/rua.homestay?locale=vi_VN

Price range: From 1.5 million VND/room


Photo: Turtle House Hamlet Sapa Fanpage

Image source: Multiple authors
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