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Must-try delicacies when visiting Kon Tum

Translated by Bing
Kontum is a destination that attracts visitors by majestic and pristine natural beauty. Besides, thanks to the favor of nature, the mountain town resort has a lot of delicious products, from which a unique Kontum cuisine was born.

1. Roasted black bamboo shoot pig

Black bamboo shoots are famous towns of Kontum province, when arriving here, roasted pig is a dish that everyone wants to taste once. The pigs are raised freely on the hill, eat natural vegetables, so the meat is extremely firm and delicious.

The pork is grilled directly over a ember fire for hours, the crispy pork skin will have an iridescent yellow color, the scent of spices such as chili, ginger, lemongrass, cilantro ,... Mixed with charcoal smoke helps the pork dish to smell and have a very characteristic aroma. Roast pork served with cucumbers, herbs will stimulate your taste buds to an absolute extent.

Source: @jenis_nguyen

2. Bazana smoked meat

In Kontum, the smoke used to smoke bazana meat is the smoke from the coffee tree, creating a unique taste compared to kitchen guard meats in other places. The meat is seasoned with precious grasses of the vast Central Highlands such as Luh, Roong Go, forest lemongrass, chili ... Because it is a kitchen steak, when eating, just steam it hot or grill lightly. Spices marinate evenly in each grain of meat, when eating, you will immediately feel the natural, chewy sweetness from the meat mixed with the extremely attractive delicious aroma with the imprint of the highlands.


3. Leaf salad

Recognized as one of 10 Vietnamese specialties, Kon Tum leaf salad includes more than 50 different types of forest leaves such as spicy cabbage, fish lettuce, fig leaves, lentils ,... Most of them are healthy leaves, there are a few that can only be found in the Central Highlands.

To enjoy leaf salad properly, you must first take mustard or apricot leaves as rolls, then choose a few more types as you like to roll into small funnels, adding accompaniments including pork belly, dried shrimp, pork skin. Do not forget to add pepper, salted grains and a bowl of sauce full of sour, spicy, salty, sweet flavors. With more than 50 types of leaves, each roll you will feel a variety of intertwined flavors, when eating, it will be extremely strange, difficult to stop.


4. Kon Plong Grilled Chicken

Recognized by the Guinness World Records organization as 1 of 50 famous specialty dishes in Vietnam. The selected chicken must be a native breed, using plants and precious leaves typical of mountains and forests for marinating. Served with lam rice and é leaf salt. The lam rice here is made from glutinous, glutinous rice is put into young cork tubes. Wait until the embers are bright and hot enough, each cork tube will be buried in the fire.

With the chilly climate of Kontum, what could be better than enjoying a handful of fragrant soft lam rice, accompanied by a hot piece of Kon Plong grilled chicken, dipped in some é leaf salt. Just think about it, I craved!

Source: @vaan.lee.31

5. Highland Red Vermicelli

Highland red vermicelli noodles are somewhat rustic and simple, consisting only of ball rolls, copper crab and boiled quail eggs. However, the highlight of the dish is the noodles. The original vermicelli will be white, after being cooked with the ingredients of the broth such as cashews, tomatoes, vermicelli will gradually absorb spices and turn red.

At first glance, many people will mistake red vermicelli noodles for vermicelli noodles, vermicelli soup. However, red vermicelli vermicelli must be served with mangrove vegetables, bean sprouts, onion fat, and fat. As a specialty dish of Kon Tum land, highland red vermicelli noodles always attract diners from all over the world because of its distinct and unique taste.

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Writer: My Dieu

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