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Taboos when going to temples at the beginning of the year

Translated by Bing
The pagoda ceremony at the beginning of the year has become an indispensable part of the cultural and spiritual life of Vietnamese people, but how to go to the pagoda properly is not known to everyone.

You need to have a good sense of preparation and dress to suit the environment of dignified places like temples, it not only shows that you are a cultured and educated person.

The pagoda is a place to worship Buddha, visitors note when choosing a ceremony: only choose sweet, fasting ceremonies such as fruits, sweets, sticky rice ... Absolutely no salty offerings, live.

If you bring flowers, you should choose flowers such as lily, daisy, lotus, peony ... Do not choose wildflowers.

When the ceremony is about to be placed, no votive gold, negative money mixed with real money is placed on the tray on the Buddha altar. At the temple, it is possible to place negative money on the gods, the Holy Mother or the altar of Monsignor, but not real money. 

If you eat or enjoy at the temple, you should merit more or less, put the money in the merit box.

Burn incense three compresses to bless yourself, six compresses to bless your children and grandchildren, nine compresses to bless your parents and grandparents, thirteen compresses are full merit, the highest limit of the number of incense offerings.

Do not wear short skirts, shorts, shirts with open back, open armpits. Must dress casually, cleanly. Do not bring hats, towels, bags, sticks, gloves ... Go to the temple, it is best not to bring your personal belongings when entering the Three Jewels.

Entering the temple door, female guests step on the right foot, male guests step on the left, do not step on the doorstep or kick the door.

Sometimes when we visit temples and temples, for some reason, we accidentally forget the habit of placing shoes outside the main hall door. It is one of the most taboo when we visit such sacred places.

You should only burn incense at the shrines and incense peaks located outside the temple premises. Refrain from burning incense inside the temple, as this may affect the Buddha statue and its magic qi.

Do not use your mouth to blow out the incense: Use your hand to gently blow out the fire on the incense instead of using your mouth. According to the spiritual conception, using the mouth to blow out incense is to show disrespect to the superior.

Do not kneel in the middle of the Buddha Hall. This is a mistake most Vietnamese make. When lighting incense for the Buddha ceremony, stand aside for the ceremony, as the middle of the main hall is usually the place for the abbots or monks in the temple.

When arriving at the temple for the ceremony, visitors are not allowed to arbitrarily film and photograph the scene in the temple. When standing prostrate, stand to the side of the altar, absolutely not facing the altar.

Entering the Buddha hall, going around the Buddha statue, the three jewels area, going from right to left, chanting the name of the Buddha "Amitabha Buddha" will enjoy 5 blessings: Post-birth righteousness, beauty; clear speech is easy to hear; ascension biochemistry; can be born into noble families; superbiological Nirvana.

To the monk, he is called Amitabha Buddha, White Master,... and call yourself a child. When you say anything to the monk, you clasp your hands in the shape of lotus buds.

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