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The taboos of worshipping Mr. Apple

Translated by Bing
On the day of the worship ceremony of Mr. Cong and Mr. Apple, there are taboos to remember so that the gods of the Kitchen, the god of Earth can prove their hearts and bring good luck to the whole family.

Offering to Mr. Cong and Mr. Apple is one of the important holidays before the Lunar New Year. It is said that a year begins with the 1st of the Lunar New Year and ends with the day of worship to Mr. Gong.

Therefore, on the day of worship of Mr. Gong, there are things to avoid and note about the vows, things to pray for so as not to be disrespectful to the gods.

No offerings at Horse Time on December 23

An important thing about the time of worship of Mr. Cong and Mr. Apple that people need to remember is that it is not offered after the Horse hour. Horse time is the time frame from 11:00 to 12:59. Many people believe that it is only advisable not to worship after 12 o'clock, but about 11 to 12 o'clock it is still possible. However, this is erroneous.

The Horse Hour is the time when the Kitchen gods have gone to heaven, the ceremony must be conducted before the gods depart. Moreover, depending on the conditions of the work arrangement of each house, it is recommended to offer earlier so that everything is thoughtful and leisurely without leading to shortcomings.

Do not put the tray under the stove

Many families still have the habit of performing rituals in the kitchen because Mr. Apple is the god of the kitchen, so it is reasonable to place the offering there. However, this practice is not in accordance with the rules of worship.

Families who make offerings under the kitchen often make makeshift incense bowls. But the gods in the house all dwell at the altar. Therefore, placing the offering tray in the main altar area in the new house is correct.

In addition, the kitchen area is a cooking place, not always clean and fragrant. Therefore, families need to consider to place the offering tray in the right place, it will be more convenient to witness the mind.

Do not beg for riches, money

Many people mistakenly believe that to make an offering is to ask for abundant money, favorable business, and prosperity. However, Mr. Gong and Mr. Apple went to the heavens to mumble big and small things during the year of the family in the lower world. Therefore, vows should focus on the well-being, harmony, joy, and health of family members. May the gods report the good.

Do not toss or release carp from above

One of the great horsemen to avoid on the day of sending off Mr. Apple is the tossing and dropping of carp from above.

Carp is the means for Mr. Apple to go to heaven. Golden carp is considered a symbol of divinity. Carp also symbolizes happiness, endurance, resilience, implying "carp turning dragon". Therefore, the act of releasing carp carries great spiritual significance. If homeowners release carp from above or throw plastic bags wrapped in carp into the water, it will offend the gods. Carp should be released in clear blue ponds and lakes, when stocked, be gentle and slow.

Bringing Mr. Apple to heaven is an extremely important spiritual custom of Vietnamese people at the end of the year. It is considered as a day to mark the preparation of entering a new year. Therefore, the notes when offering Mr. Cong and Mr. Apple need to be paid very attention by families to help start a new year more smoothly.

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