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The special things of Vietnamese Tet

Translated by Bing
Time passed quickly, and before he could do anything, he blinked through a year. No matter how busy you are, Tet is coming and even if you don't like it, the New Year is almost here.


Year-end achievement report

Vietnamese people have long believed that, every year until December 23, Apple Quan - Mr. Apple sitting in the kitchen of each house rides carp to the sky to report everything that happens in the family to the Jade Emperor. It wasn't until New Year's Eve that Apple Quan returned to earth to continue his work of tending to the fire.

The Apple worship ceremony needs to be conducted before Mr. Apple flies into the sky, i.e. before 12 noon on December 23. Therefore, depending on the time conditions of each house, it is possible to worship Mr. Apple 1 day in advance, i.e. at noon, evening on December 22 or morning on December 23.

The atmosphere on the days bordering Tet

After sending Mr. Cong and Mr. Apple to the sky, the atmosphere of Tet is really clear everywhere. From indoors to the streets, crowds and holiday goods have flooded markets and supermarkets.

Cakes have been received for half a month, flower markets have opened all over the streets, jubilant pink cherry blossoms, purple violets, kumquat trees have been transported to display throughout offices or houses. The smell of Tet and the color of spring are already very busy, very jubilant.

No matter how busy they are, everyone tries to shop for the New Year and celebrate the New Year as decently as possible.

Spring Flower Market on New Year's Day

These days, going to the flower market to buy peaches, watching blueberries, buying flowers to decorate the house is a hobby not to be missed. Any house that has no kumquats, no peaches, it seems that spring has not yet reached the door. Looking at the flower markets opened all over the streets, people's hearts could not help but be excited.

Cleaning, shopping for new things

Actually, people don't have to wait until Tet to move houses, but as an old habit, the real general cleaning attack on the days leading up to Tet.

Clean the house, throw away the old, the broken, renew your old house to welcome the good omen. Because on the 1st day, people abstain from sweeping the house, sweeping the house, so the house is cleaned and fragrant, and the person is cleaned of dirt with pots of fragrant leaf water. That's how secure it is to welcome spring.

Reunion dinner on the afternoon of 30 Tet

Reunion is a phrase that comes to mind and comes to mind with any child away from home. At the end of the year, when people are packing up to return home after a year away from work, whether the roads are far away, the commute is hard or they may or may not succeed at work, life, hometown is still a place for anyone who has stepped out to have the desire to return home. There, whoever you are, you are still your father's child, your mother's grandchild, your grandfather's grandchild. There, there is homeland. Therefore, Tet holidays with children away from home are extremely meaningful. It is an opportunity to reunite with family, eat a reunion meal on the afternoon of 30 when everything of the old year is done and rest in peace with loved ones.

Day 1 of the temple ceremony

The first morning of the new year is for peace. People go out later, dress well, go to the temple for New Year's Day, pray for a good New Year. Then go to each other's houses to wish Tet, eat a piece of jam cake. All year round, Tet 3 days are the time to find each other, visit each other's lives, before everyone goes home and is busy with each other's lives.

Article: Diep Huang

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