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Things to keep in mind when traveling during the pandemic

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If you are planning to travel somewhere after a long period of isolation due to the epidemic, do not forget to take a look at the following important notes.

Prepare carefully before the trip

All travel carries a risk of contracting or triggering COVID-19. So before you go, check the epidemic situation in your local area and in the places where you are going.

Plan flexibly as restrictions and policies may change, arising during your itinerary, including travel restrictions, stay-at-home orders, quarantine and testing requirements in your local area, and all the places you plan to go.

Stay 5K compliant when traveling


Always wear a mask in public, where large gatherings of people. If possible, you should use a droplet shield as well.


Wash your hands often with soap or hand sanitizer. Clean frequently touched surfaces/objects (doorknobs, phones, tablets, tabletops, chairs...).


Note to keep a safe distance of 2m when interacting with others.

No large gatherings

Medical declaration

You can choose to declare directly via written declaration or declare on applications such as: Electronic Health Book, PC-Covid, Medical Declaration (https://tokhaiyte.vn/)

Medical declaration and proactive isolation after returning

After the trip from the tourist destinations you visit, do not forget to make a medical declaration as soon as you return home. This is extremely important and necessary, ensuring the safety of yourself and the locals in the places you visit.

Please actively isolate at home for a full 7 days after your journey, even if you have tested negative.

Carefully monitor your health and get tested if you have one of the symptoms, and seek medical help or advice if your symptoms worsen.

Just follow the above recommendations, you can safely pick up your backpack and go. Wish you have a safe and enjoyable travel!

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