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The strengths that help Anya Quy Nhon attract customers

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Anya Quy Nhon Hotel is located near the sea, many convenient services, diverse cuisine ... meet the needs of many visitors.

Located near the sea, Anya Quy Nhon Hotel offers many conveniences for visitors when moving to famous tourist destinations of the city such as Han Mac Tu tourist area, twin towers, Nguyen Tat Thanh Square, food street ...

Anya Quy Nhon is popular with many visitors thanks to its dedicated and professional staff, 4-star standard accompanying services. The rooms are modern, fully equipped, combined with warm golden light, for a cozy resort space.

The destination also serves visitors hearty meals with a variety of dishes, carefully prepared by a team of professional chefs. In particular, Market 1 restaurant is popular with visitors because there are many dishes from Europe to Asia with impressive flavors, helping to satisfy the taste buds for diners.

If you want to find a peaceful and relaxing space for yourself, Coco Spa will be a destination not to be missed for you. Here, you will be skillful hands to cherish your body, skin and touch emotions with special treatments from nature. The fragrance of herbs and gentle music bring you back to a state of peace and tranquility.

Especially, at Coco Spa, you can experience at the Himalayan salt rock sauna. The combination of rock salt and space heating equipment such as steam generators, infrared devices ..., contributes to the elimination of toxins, burns energy to reduce fat, gives you improved health and well-being.

The hotel also has a conference and wedding room with a capacity of 500 people. The rooms here are meticulously designed, modern equipment system, carefully trained and professional service team ... Anya Hotel affirms the quality by elaboration and meticulousness, from consulting, decoration during and after the event. Whether it is domestic and foreign meetings or weddings, Anya always puts customer satisfaction as the motivation, as a premise to elevate the event to touch the class and difference.

On the ground floor of Anya's house, you can find the Cabbar Bistro - a convergence of a variety of drinks from coffee, juices to cocktails and many breakfast dishes. Whether it's an open indoor or outdoor space, Cabbar Bistro offers you fun and fun gathering conversations. In particular, every weekend, there are entertainment programs, which will enrich your experience.

Located on the 3rd floor of Anya Quy Nhon, Starlight Bar opens with a sunny and windy space. Right at the swimming pool, you can watch the city and Quy Nhon beach and have the opportunity to own unforgettable memories with friends and relatives.

Contact: Anya Hotel Quy Nhon

Address: No. 3 Nguyen Trung Tin Street, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province.

Tel: +84 (0) 2562 222 268

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