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Beautiful church made entirely of wood, more than 100 years still intact in Kon Tum

Translated by Bing
As one of the oldest and most beautiful monuments in Kon Tum, Kon Tum Wooden Church was built in a very special way nowhere else.

Kon Tum Wooden Church, also known as KonTum Cathedral, is located at Nguyen Hue Street, Kon Tum City. In 1913, construction began, and was completed in early 1918. 

Overall, the church is designed in Romanesque architecture combined with the spacious house style of the indigenous Ba Na people. That combination has helped the project both bring the beauty of the ancient Western lines and the breath of the Central Highlands. 

The special thing about this project is that all structures from columns, trusses to floors are made of coffee wood (red cheesy wood - a typical wood of the Central Highlands). The wooden panels are bonded together with mortise, not nails. The ceilings, walls and walls of the church are plastered with earth material mixed with straw, without reinforced concrete and even lime mortar for plastering.

In front of the church façade, there is a 4-storey bell tower with a height of more than 20m in the middle. Along both sides of the church are two long corridors with a raised roof like a wide roof, while the aisle is adorned with domes to create softness and balance for the whole building. Built by skilled craftsmen, every detail carved,  decoration, color scheme... all show sophistication and meticulousness. In addition to the main building, in the gardens of the church there is also a statue of Our Lady holding the Child with both hands. 

After more than 100 years of silver and wind, Kon Tum wooden church still retains the original, ancient and splendid lines as the original. Not only is the catholic building of great significance to the indigenous people, the church is also a famous destination that attracts many tourists.  

The church is open all year round to everyone, regardless of religion, on all days of the week. If visiting the church on a Sunday, visitors will have to wait after 9 hours to enter to avoid affecting the service of fellow Catholics. 

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