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The first seaside puppet theater in Vietnam

Translated by Bing
À Oi Theater opened from the evening of 19/5 in Sunset town, Phu Quoc, becoming the first puppet theater by the sea in Vietnam.

AOI Theater is located at the North Gate area of the Marriage Proposal, right on the beach and in the main axis connecting the entire Sunset Town experience. The name À Oi is inspired by the verse in the lullaby of her mother, grandmother, reminding visitors of childhood memories. From now until the end of June 19, the theater offers free tickets to see the Vietnamese Puppet Show for visitors, with two daily performances at 18h30-18h50 and 20h-20h20.

À Oi possesses the beauty of the intersection between the traditional architecture of the Northern village, and the Italian quality of the Sunset Town. If you go from the main gate to the stage, visitors can easily recognize the traditional features through the shape of the pavilion's roof, three-room house, decorative motifs such as fairies, farmers catching frogs ... On the contrary, when looking at the theater from the beach, visitors will see an Italian space through classic pastel colors, curved domes inspired by the Colosseum - Colosseum ...

Being built right on the beach, located in Sun Group's VND 4,000 billion entertainment complex, makes À Oi an interesting destination for tourists. Guests coming here are immersed in the old space with the water show. Modern sound and light systems emerge in the middle of the coast to make the show even more impressive.

Especially, when placed in the overall space of Sunset Town, À Oi theater is polar opposite to the Kiss of the Sea theater. Accordingly, the space of À Oi is like a breakthrough to bring the village into the city, tradition next to modernity.

The theater is designed with a 700-seat stand, a water puppet stage for water puppetry and shallow puppet stage, quan ho singing, musical... The landscape of the theater is inspired by the design of the Northwest Terraces, which are also the level jerk design in Sunset Town.

8 puppet performances here are staged and performed by generations of artists Dance Theater brings viewers into the endless flow of Vietnamese culture, where they discover the beauty of festivals, working life of rice agriculture, spiritual culture and Vietnamese beliefs, or the image of a strap hat metaphorically like moonlight, a boat on the waves, to see a rich, vibrant and rich culture.

Here, visitors can not only watch water puppetry - a traditional folk theater art form, but also enjoy other art forms and performances such as shallow puppetry and dance art.

Performing music also introduces visitors to many other forms of theatrical arts such as paddle singing, adoration singing.

The artists hope that every visitor who comes here will learn more about the country and people of Vietnam. In particular, Vietnamese people can also understand more about traditional cultural art values.

Charlotte, an Australian tourist is impressed when right in Phu Quoc there is a puppet theater imbued with traditional Vietnamese culture. He had heard about water puppetry for a long time, but it wasn't until this time that he saw it with his own eyes.

Image: Sun Group

According to VnE

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