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5-star quality resort at Anya Premier Quy Nhon

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Anya Premier Quy Nhon, this hotel is popular with many travelers thanks to its airy, modern, nature-inspired and natural-oriented design. Friendly and professional staff give guests a comfortable, natural feeling like home.

Rest in the rooms with sea view

Located in the city center, Anya Premier Quy Nhon Hotel with a scale of 256 comfortable rooms and many high-class services for visitors.

The bedrooms in the hotel are meticulously designed and elaborated from the smallest detail. The room space is spacious and airy with modern furniture. Due to the structure and location of the building, Anya Premier offers visitors many choices, with natural landscapes from right in your room.

Accordingly, you can choose a room with a direct view of the vast ocean, or a room by the sea but can direct the view towards the majestic Xuan Van mountain range embracing the city. The hotel ensures privacy and safety for guests during their stay.

Comfortable banquet and meeting rooms

Ocean Ballroom has an area of nearly 900 m2, ceilings nearly 7m high. The equipment from sound, lighting to projection screens is very modern, the staff is well trained, will meet the seminars of 1,000 guests or 900 sit-down guests.

Anya Premier also caters to your requirements whether it is a meeting or a wedding. You can also design your own menu to entertain guests with the support of a team of professional chefs.

Enjoy cuisine from Europe to Asia

Coming to Anya Premier, you have the opportunity to enjoy countless dishes selected and prepared by professional chefs. From menus such as breakfast buffet, à la carte to family meals, especially European-style steak... All are always ready to bring you quality meals.

The restaurant also has a separate dining room, suitable for intimate meals for family, friends or even partners.

Relax at the spa

The spa door at Coco Spa will open with easy herbal scent, melodious music and large glass doors overlooking the sea and mountains, bringing you into a gentle relaxing space, away from the noise of the city.

The spa care ingredients are made from nature. The therapist's professional and soft hands will put you in a calm and gentle state.

In particular, a certain service you cannot ignore is foot massage. You can both enjoy the comfort of your feet being cherished after a tiring day of activity, while watching the panoramic view of the blue sea through each large doorway to forget all fatigue and worries.

Relax over delicious cups of coffee

The Bistro cabbar located on the ground floor of the hotel scores points with indoor and outdoor spaces. Located opposite the city park, here, you can start your day full of energy with a delicious breakfast menu, take a sip of coffee, and listen to the crashing waves and rustling leaves.

You will still create your own relaxing weekend at the Cabbar Bistro with Acoustic Music Night. Listen to soothing poetic music, add a chat with friends, give you a feeling of relaxation.

Watch the sunset from Starligh Bar

Starligh Bar is located on the 24th floor of the hotel. This is where you can enjoy an afternoon tea, or an exciting dinner in the panoramic scenery of a waning moon-shaped street named Quy Nhon city. Here, you have the opportunity to catch the moments of sunset or watch the starry night sky very romantic.

Starligh Bar's infinity pool has a spacious design, you can immerse yourself in the cool water, watch the vast sky and sip sweet cocktails. In particular, Starlight Bar also has a rooftop wedding service for couples.

Address: 44 An Duong Vuong, Nguyen Van Cu, Qui Nhon City, Binh Dinh

Phone: 0256 2222 268


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Photo: Anya Premier Quy Nhon

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