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See the city of Hue from the walking path on the top of the city

The walking route on the top of the city helps visitors have a more interesting experience when visiting the imperial city of Hue.

The walking path on the city wall from Nam Xuong waist (inside The Nhon gate, also known as Ngan gate) to Nam Thang waist (inside Quang Duc gate, also known as trap gate), passing Phu Van Lau flagpole.

The open walking route has attracted many visitors. When moving on the city wall, visitors will get a new feeling and perspective of Hue imperial city from above. The walking route helps people see the panoramic space, more open about the Grand Interior of Hue. The exploitation of the walking route will help visitors have a new feeling, avoiding the familiar boredom when visiting Dai Noi relics.

According to the Hue Ancient Capital Monuments Conservation Center, in the coming time, images of court ceremonies, images of kings, Nguyen dynasty officials, restoration of patrol guards ... make the scene more vivid and interesting... It is expected that by 2025, the walking route on the upper city will be fully connected.

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