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See the beautiful clouds and sky at Topview Mang Den café

Translated by Bing
Known as one of the beautiful cloud hunting places in Mang Black, this is a café that you should not miss during the cloud hunting season from 2 to 6 months.

Located in the area of 37 households, Topview Mang Den café is about 10km from the center of Mang Den town. To get here, we can easily move by car or motorbike. Since it is a bit far from the town center, we have to get up quite early so that we can hunt for clouds. I woke up at 5 a.m. when the fog was still thick. Area 37 is a famous cloud hunting area in Mang Den. And Topview Black bamboo shoots is one of the most beautiful cloud hunting spots in that area. In addition to hunting for beautiful photos of clouds, the reward of getting up early is admiring the beautiful sunrise.

Located on the top of a hill overlooking the valley and Ngoc Le mountain, Topview Mang Den café has a convenient location for cloud hunting. When you come here, you can choose to sit in the indoor space, sip a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the beautiful view through the glass window. Or you can choose to go to the terrace to admire the immense beauty of mountains and forests and the surrounding sea of clouds.

Topview Mang Den café has a cozy décor space with mainly wood material. The owner has cleverly arranged flower pots on the café premises so that the café space is colorful and close to nature. It is a very cozy and elegant space. I had breakfast and coffee there. It is wonderful to enjoy breakfast while enjoying the beautiful view.

My favorite part there was photographing clouds on the rooftop of the café. From there, we can admire a majestic panorama of the surrounding mountain ranges. In the early morning, a sea of clouds forms in the valley below creating a majestic sight. In the distance, we can see the peak of Jade Le Mountain and the small houses on the opposite hill hidden behind a dense layer of clouds. From that terrace, we can freely take beautiful photos from many different angles.

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